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Thursday, 15 October 2015


Here is a very well written piece by John Furse on the state of the NHS. It appeared recently in the excellent Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Today. 
The link also takes you to his other blogs on global economics. 
Please click HERE

The Dame is always happy to 'showcase' the views of readers, particularly when as informative and well written as this one.
If only we could persuade the likes of John Furse to stand for the Council. 
Last night's behaviour of those supposedly representing us was shameful. 
We can forgive Cllr Palmer for he knows not what he does.

Emma Dent Coad was the only one who made any sense.


  1. You should not forgive Palmer, his performance was grotesque, almost criminal and right thinking Tories should use his admission of having joined the Labour Party as good reason to remove the Whip from him - permanently this time.

  2. If only EDC made sense you obviously do not care about the Tory decision to end democratic debate in the council chamber, including petitions of the type that Mrs. Solomon was able to present; nor Labour’s attempt to press the Tories to stop granting planning permission for overseas investment in buy-to-leave properties; nor the serious shortcomings in the Council’s air quality and climate change action plan. These are all issues that public spirited residents should care deeply about, especially at a time when our Council does not.

  3. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea gets more like the Soviet Kremlin everyday.


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