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Saturday, 17 October 2015



A couple of years ago, Canadian  cable billionaire, David Graham, planned a massive basement complex under his Walton Street mansion, the Old Court House.

Fury on the part of residents made him back off.

Now he returns with a smaller scale plan, but no reduction in the disruption to the lives of residents. 

At least this plan does not envisage a ballroom or servants' quarters deep under London.

But here's the question....
Why would a seventy eight year old singleton, rarely visiting London, need to dig out a vast basement when his mansion already has several bedrooms?
The answer has to be about even more money.
His horrid ex wife, Barbara Amiel once said, "my extravagance knows no bounds". 
It seems Mr Graham's desire for space or money also knows no bounds.

You might think Mr Graham would consider his neighbours, but a seemingly insatiable need for money overrides concerns for the peace and safety of his neighbours.

The economics make sense for Mr Graham. 
Every sq.ft he scoops out costs £440 but the space he adds is worth at least £2,000 a sq.ft ..... when he sells.
Do you really need the money so badly Mr Graham? 
The Dame doubts it.

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