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Monday, 5 October 2015


The Dame has just put down her newly acquired 'blinged' mobile phone on Cllr Daniel Moylan.

The Dame's New Toy.
Gravy train Moylan?
The Dame has always admired multi- jobbing Daniel his ability to 'persuade' big hearted Boris to hand him sufficient jobs to maintain the Thai and Kensington abodes. 
At the last count, Danny Boys was grossing £140k a year....all from the tax payer and as lucrative as being PM.
No wonder it made Pooter Cockell spit with envious rage.

So what did the Dame and Danny Boys discuss?

Danny Boys says young Zac Goldsmith will follow Boris and 
will bring in his own cronies. 
For Danny this means a violent reversal of financial fortunes.

Knowing the Dame circulates in mondaine circles Danny Boys asked whether she would 'infiltrate' him into one of her famous salons to meet Zac and his high society sister, Jemima,

Danny Boys thinks his infamous charm  will ensure he continues to sit on the new mayor's knee: after all, they are both members of the Bruges Group. 

Might he? Doubtful....
Goldsmith is as arrogant as Danny Boys. The chances of a love affair are remote.


  1. Moylan represents everything that Goldsmith detests

  2. Please tell us more. There are so many repellent aspects of Moylan's personality that Goldsmith's probable view of him will be enlightening.


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