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Friday, 11 September 2015



Were a resident to start tearing down a historically and architecturally significant dwelling, in blatant disregard of the law, the Council would be down on him like a ton of cast terracotta Victorian bricks....similar to those from the Marlborough Primary School piled up here.
Here, in the picture, you can see that the Council have started knocking the hell out of the school.... against the advice of the Dept of Education. 
The Dept have told the Council this vandalism is 'AT THEIR RISK'
 A six-week public consultation regarding the disposal of playground (playing fields, S77 School Act 1998) is expected to start soon.


  1. Time for us residents from Chelsea, West & North Kensington, Earls Court, Notting Hill, South Ken etc to unite under an umbrella organisation to combat this council.

    There are 80,000 of us in Kensington & Chelsea! This is what petrifies Horton street, an organised resident association that encompasses the whole borough. This way the power is taken from the council and passed back to us.

    Kensington Odeon had 27,000 signatures to demand its rescue and still the council found in favour of the developer, which goes to show where their true allegiance lies not with us, the residents, who pay their salaries but with those with the cash.

    You could expect possibly 1,000 people to join an organisation like this, attending council meetings every week can be off putting but if there was a rota system so people do not have to attend each week it is more likely people would attend and keep the council at bay.

    Maybe this would be the start of us becoming an more interactive community.

    There are certain organisations that have also let the team down like Chelsea and Earls Court Society who back the council as well as the likes of Lord Cadogan.

    The council as a whole are quite vulgar as most are social climbers and money grubbing, not of the same calibre as the residents. With Pooter Cockell missing out on a Lordship just illustrates that the behaviour and actions of RBKC "big wigs" are noticed and noted down for future reference.

    Very soon the borough will be a shell of its self. What the council and to a greater extent the Labour and Conservative governments have effectively done is given our country away to the asset strippers and now its time for it to stop.

    If it wasn't for the Dame's blog much more council crime would probably occur.


    Councillors and staff have crossed so many lines it is hard to tell how many have
    committed misconduct in a public office. Here is a helpful link to see if they have.

  2. Yes . Chelsea Society are lapdogs

  3. Paul Warwick is behind this !

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