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Saturday, 19 September 2015


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Thanks to the admirable campaigners-and the Dame, the Evening Standard has picked up on the gross conflict of interest arising out of a letter from John Lewis 'partners'(!) pushing the useless English Heritage not to list the magnificent Marlborough Primary School! 
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  1. As usual no surprises here. Conservative Councillors are not conservative. They are closer to foot soldiers of Mao. Following instructions from above with no concern for their constituents , just hanging in there to get more dosh to pay the school fees. Policy at the moment is to bombard constituents with so many outrageous planning applications, that they just give up at the tsunami of corruption . Well it's having the opposite effect. TV production companies are now sniffing round this issue and those responsible will be brought to book .Hang your heads in shame , pop your monies into offshore account's, transfer your property into your wife's name. You have let your family,the borough and the country down with your actions.Don't call yourselves British. You are the ones responsible for bringing our country down.

  2. Anon of 19/9/2015 said it all... well done, whoever you may be...?

  3. Speak to any random half a dozen local residents and you will hear similar sentiments to those expressed by 19.9.15 @ 12.39. No one in this rottenest of rotten boroughs believes its planning services are straight. Congratulations are again due to the Hornet and all concerned.

  4. Yep it is an outrage us residents need to get together and fight the council on this sought of thing.

    It also looks like our friends & fellow residents of the tri-bourough will be evicted from their homes at West Kensington & Gibbs Green Estates even with the pompous Stephen Cowan canvasing last year to help residents. What a shower!

    What people seem to forget is the taxpayer foots the bill with social housing (usually undersold by their friends the council) and pay twice for housing.


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