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Thursday, 10 September 2015


Tomorrow, Jamie Ritblat plans to tear down the Odeon Kensington. 
It will happen despite the protests of 27,000 people begging for it to be saved for posterity and not sacrificed for more multi million pound flats for shady international types looking to hide their ill gotten gains.

Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, is the only man who can save our wonderful Art Deco cinema from these greedy developers.
Everybody should email Greg at
and beg him to call this in....
It is the only chance to save the cinema from this man on the left...


  1. Lets be honest Dame - these decisions to destroy out Communities and way of life is a directive right from the top . The sooner that people wake up to this reality, the better off we will all be . If Councils can ignore petitions out of hand and cosy up to Foreign Money , it just shows where the real power lies, at the bank and not the Ballot Box . So as ye sow , so shall ye reap he whirlwind !

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  3. Dear Greg Clark

    Please save the iconic Kensington Odeon from redevelopment.

    27,000 objectors’ valid concerns have been utterly ignored. Is this the government’s interpretation of democracy?

    Saving the second largest screen in London, used for premieres, is vital at a time when the government is rightly promoting film-making in London

    For reasons unknown, I believe English Heritage / Historic England glossed over the important art deco original features extant at the cinema and failed to grasp the cinema’s historic importance.

    London's priceless cultural capital is disappearing rapidly, replaced by buy-to-leave investment vehicles for overseas speculators. This is short-termism at its very worst. Time after time, The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea’s Planning Committee favours developers over the taxpayers it should represent.

    Please call in the plans.

  4. have used the above text in my email to Greg Clark. Hope you do not mind

  5. One way of stopping the planning committee and department riding roughshod over residents wishes and concerns is by packing out every planning meeting. Very quickly you would see a difference in their decisions.

    1. Good suggestion. I've only been to two or three planning committee meetings in 30+years but the effect of the crowd is palpable. The most recent was the Cadogan application to tear down the Curzon. Some fine speeches from objectors and vociferous noises from the packed house clearly had a big influence. Warwick was outrageous in his chairmanship. He and Bore tried to prolong the meeting going round and round the table until the councillors approved Cadogan's appalling scheme, but the ever more angry crowd gave succour to the minions on the committee who finally threw it out.

      It helped that the Curzon themselves were opposing the scheme which sadly can't be said of whoever ran the Odeon.

  6. The next big scandal is around the corner. Next to the Natural History Museum there is a lovely park at the junction of Cromwell Road and Queensgate. A tranquil corner of London at this busy junction.

    Guess what?

    Developers have plans to build there.

    Guess what?

    Buy to leave.

    Guess what?

    The whole planning crew in Hornton Street will be able to take early retirement.

    1. I thought this park was a wildlife reserve. - even more valuable than a park. If there is a chance of covering anything green or airy in concrete, you can be sure that our council will go for it.

  7. Time for us residents from Chelsea, West & North Kensington, Earls Court, Notting Hill, South Ken etc to unite under an umbrella organisation to combat this council.

    There are 80,000 of us in Kensington & Chelsea! This is what petrifies Horton street, an organised resident association that encompasses the whole borough. This way the power is taken from the council and passed back to us.

    Kensington Odeon had 27,000 signatures to demand its rescue and still the council found in favour of the developer, which goes to show where their true allegiance lies not with us, the residents, who pay their salaries but with those with the cash.

    You could expect possibly 1,000 people to join an organisation like this, attending council meetings every week can be off putting but if there was a rota system so people do not have to attend each week it is more likely people would attend and keep the council at bay.

    Maybe this would be the start of us becoming an more interactive community.

    There are certain organisations that have also let the team down like Chelsea and Earls Court Society who back the council as well as the likes of Lord Cadogan.

    The council as a whole are quite vulgar as most are social climbers and money grubbing, not of the same calibre as the residents. With Pooter Cockell missing out on a Lordship just illustrates that the behaviour and actions of RBKC "big wigs" are noticed and noted down for future reference.

    Very soon the borough will be a shell of its self. What the council and to a greater extent the Labour and Conservative governments have effectively done is given our country away to the asset strippers and now its time for it to stop.

    If it wasn't for the Dame's blog much more council crime would probably occur.


    Councillors and staff have crossed so many lines it is hard to tell how many have
    committed misconduct in a public office. Here is a helpful link to see if they have.

    1. Shame that the Tories were voted for in your Borough.

    2. I like the idea of inter-ACTIVE community. This is where we live and we should engage more to make it a better place. I am sorry about the result of ODEON campaign. :(

  8. Have sent my email to Greg Clark, but as the RBKC seem to favour the Developers it is unlikely that it will be saved and that goes for Marlborough School as well.

  9. Dear Dame, Have you seen the latest news regarding the future plan of social housing? It's a social cleansing policy that may go through and 97% K&C council houses may sold off.


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