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Monday, 28 September 2015


To rub salt in the wounds of the thousands of residents wanting to save Marlborough Primary School some idiot, devoid of compassion, has set up a real time camera to record this senseless demolition.

But there is still time to stop these barbarians at the school gate....
Please take a minute to sign the new petition to Save Marlborough School PLAYGROUND.
The petition can be found here:  HERE!
The Council want to build 40,000 sq ft of offices & shops and a walkway on the children's playground but they do NOT yet have permission from the Department for Education!
This is so important because the children will otherwise have to play on rooftop play areas so that the Council can make money out of their playground!!

Please also take a minute or two to send your objection and reasons to: 
This needs to be done by the 6th November when the public consultation ends. 
You need to say "I object" for your email to count as an objection.
You can view the consultation material HERE


  1. Well to make your views known to the rbck council. If the council gets it's way,..this will set a precedent of condensing schools to smaller plots by building up and stealing the remaining grounds for themselves. This vampiric council loophole needs to be shown the light of day.

  2. Well said. Some will remember that this was tried at the listed Colville Primary School in N. Kensington. Without consulting parents or neighbours, RBKC gave planning permission for a private French nursery to take over an "unused" building and half the playground. It caused an enormous row and RBKC eventually backed down.

    The chair of school governors was married to a Cllr Mary Weale.

    The private nursery found a new home nearby. Apparently it had been threatened with evicted by its owner, a baronet, from his own home near where that nice Mr Cameron's house. After much investment, Colville School is now packed with children from all over the world. So everyone lived happily ever after.

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