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Sunday, 13 September 2015


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"Silly Lizzy" Campbell creates chaos wherever she blunders. The cock up of transport for the vulnerable was one of her more famous idiocies. 
But sadly, when you have a malfuctioning democracy, airheads like Campbell are given powers that well exceed their mental capacity...
Little wonder officers snigger behind her back at her antics! In this letter she describes Marlborough(in a letter sent out by John Lewis) as 'much loved'. Obviously so 'much loved' it could not be spared the wrecking ball.
And whilst having a bit of a clear out the Dame came across a letter from Cllr Tim Coleridge and his old mucker, the head of Property at John Lewis, a Mr Collins.

In the course of inviting residents to a public exhibition, the letter casually mentions  an "empty annexe building" on an "unused part of the site" which the Council will turn into "commercial and retail space"

It now transpires this is Council-speak for a gargantuan block comprising 40,000 sq ft of offices and shops to be built over the school nursery and playground! 
Not surprisingly, the Department for Education are investigating the matter and a Public Consultation is expected.


  1. This stupid woman is carried away by an idea put into her head by some Planning Officer preparing the way for "encouragement" to flow from developer coffers to the hard pressed of Hornton Street Planning Department.

    But what of Heritage? What of Conservation Areas? What of priceless Victorian architecture?

    Not a mention of course. But the Council is supposed to be looking after our ancient Heritage. Instead they are presiding over the creation of another Dubai in the centre of London

    Pass the sick bag

    1. The park beside the Natural History Museum in S Kensington is next on the block

      Buy to leave........

  2. Coleridge is useless. If possible, he is even dimmer than Dizzy Campbell. It would be a good idea if he retired to Argentina and removed his shirt permanently. And tuned in to Moscow TV to get more manly ideas from his pin up Putin.

    Note to Editors
    Cllr "Putin" Coleridge likes to ride horses in the sun without his shirt. He pulls in his tummy for snaps which he posts on Facebook.


  3. The new Director of Planning, Mr Stallwood, is behaving like a pig in shit. Official.

  4. Uselessness is NOTHING NEW at local government goes hand in hand with stupidity....

  5. Wish the Dame would be so good as to ask her pal the Councillor, London Member and Member of Parliament the millionaire Ladee Victoria Borwick why she & her 'neighbour' Greg Hands have remained quiet and oblivious to the demolishing of Marlborough school.

    Not only is it time to have an investigation of this Council but also of English Heritage, do they that not realise you can still be done for corruption when working in public office? Or do they not care.

    We all know Bore will be coining it with all those contacts he has made whilst a planning "Tsar" but anybody he comes in contact with from now on will be scrutinised as they will have met through RBKC planning. Hopefully soon the Rozzers will be feeling his collar!

    If the Dame would be so kind to ask the two MPs of Kensington and Chelsea why they remain unmoved by this we residents would all be very interested to know what their motivations are.

    1. An investigation is required of the contacts, meetings and consultancy fees that have flowed around Mr Bore and his official and post official involvement in this project.

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