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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The question was asked under an FOI

Since 2006
1. How many councillors have had council tax reminders for non-payment?
2. Who are/were the councillors?
3. Do any Councillors have current outstanding Council Tax Bills, if so how much?

and the response:

We do not hold historic information since 2006 but can advise that no councillors have received a reminder this year, and that one is in arrears for a previous year.

It is an offence for a councillor to vote on the budget if they are in arrears of council tax. 

So at the budget setting meeting of 5th March this year the light shines on those who did not attend the meeting.... namely..... Pooter Cockell, Boy Marshall, Matthew Neal and the Harridan Turner. 
Which one of them is it? 
Who still owes council tax today for a previous year?

Matthew Neal and Frances Turner are no longer councillors.

So that leaves either Pooter or the Boy Marshall who owe council tax!  

Unless, of course, it was one of the others in attendance who failed to declare an interest and so committed an offence!

The public have a right to know who in the Town Hall isn't paying their way!


  1. who is the guilty party

  2. Well we know Pooter has fallen on hard times....

  3. Without a proper reminder, RBKC should immediately issue a court summons for the non-payment of council tax - just as they do to small businesses whose bank cannot believe that a major local authority uses the bank account No: 00000000 to collect millions in business rates. I kid you not!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Sadly, the Dame's boring solicitors have 'legaled" this comment. It is 98% accurate and refers specifically to a councillor who invested in some very dodgy tax evasion schemes based on film production. HMRC came down very heavily on this scam and is forcing the dead heads who invested to stump up lots of money.
    Would the councillor in question(he knows who he is) like to promise the Dame that he has never attempted to get the Council to 'invest' in any tax driven 'film schemes'

  6. It's Taylor not Turner. And she is very unwell, so lay off her please, dear Dame.

  7. It sounds as though it might be the councillor who dare not apply for a CRB form because of what he will have to reveal - and no I don't mean Phelpsie!

    1. Aren't Councillors legally obliged to obtain and provide a CRB?


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