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Sunday, 30 November 2014


The Dame has heard unsubstantiated whispers that Councillor Daniel Moylan has rented a basement flat in Sarf Lambeth. 
A sarf London basement
If this rumour is just that, the Dame, in her gracious way, begs forgiveness.
But, if the rumour 'stands up'-as Ludo would put it, the old Dame wants to know what's going on.
There is nothing wrong with living sarf of the river. 
Ludo and some of his edgy 'mates' from Bedales 'hang out' in all sorts of odd 'hoods', but we don't expect to find a Rotten Borough councillor slumming it.

Danny was kind enough to send the Dame a link to his Oxford 'glory days' so perhaps he might help her out on this one....


  1. This sounds very interesting

  2. Apparently Lambeth is less of a slum these days. Recent reports indicate that Lambeth property prices are now rising at the fastest rate in London. Meanwhile they are falling fastest in the Rotten Borough. According to last Friday's Evening Standard K & C house prices fell 2.5% in October. If the rumour is true, the obnoxious fellow may be following the financial trend. Simultaneously, Lambeth's loss is RBKC's gain.

  3. Why does any suggestion that RBKC property prices are falling stop conversation? It's self evident that no market remains totally out of kilter with reality forever.

  4. This will be a buy-to-let investment, not a home. No way will he leave RBKC to live in a Labour borough.

    1. Flat for a "friend" perhaps?

    2. He has not bought....he is renting it

    3. There is a great tradition of great men renting for a "friend". Rocco in Brighton for example......


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