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Thursday, 6 November 2014


What have Pooter Cockell and Malc Rifkind got in common?

Seemingly an amazing capacity to make big bucks....Pooter through local government and Malc thorough non exec directorships.
In one year Pooter managed to make local government stump up £130,000! 

Sir Malc is a very different kettle of fish. With all his NED's it's small wonder he has no time for the little people. This is why he demands they turn up to the Commons if they want his help. 

Let's take a look at Sir Malc's annual take.....

He now has five non exec positions grossing him around £142,000 a year. (He lost one last year otherwise it would have been c £150,000)

In addition he gets, with allowances and cost of office support(you need it with that many non exec jobs), something like £110,000 a year for not really being our very part time MP.
In total Malc is picking up the vast sum of £252,000 a year or £21,000 a month....nice one Malc!

The Dame doesn't even look at his fees for speeches, media attendances.....except for one which caught her eye.

Why did the he accept a fee of £5000 for making a one hour speech at a fund raising Savoy brunch for the United Jewish Appeal? 
It does great work in Israel for deprived children but surely Malc doesn't need charity?
Come on Malc....what's this all about?


  1. As usual the Dame is digging and showing up our guilty public servants for what they are. The K&C MP is a case in point. Well done girl - keep digging!

  2. The man is lazy and greedy. I imagine that's what it's all about.

  3. The local Conservative Party should not put up with this. Years of neglect from the greedy trougher Rifind.

    In the old days Mathew Carrington (Mathew to his old friends) would never have put up with this. But now that the Chairman of K&C Tories is known as THE lord carrington (old friends no longer get a look in) Mathew has become impossibly grand and the idea of making waves is just not on. There is nothing quite so hopeless as the insecurity of a new Lord who is terrified of being shunned by his fellow Peers - or prunes as the case may be.

  4. As usual the Dame creating problems. I think the charity could afford to pay him £5,000: after all he has to live. I also think that he shoud not be expected to attend constituecy functions without getting a fee. He is busy and very important

  5. Dame, Observer's comment at 12.46 is offensive and discriminatory, please delete.

  6. Would people not make racist comments. In reality, Jewish people give vast amounts to charity.

  7. I really do not know what you are all whining about. Sir Malcolm is only showing us the application of Conservative values in action; a politician putting personal gain before his constituents needs.
    Why the surprise?

    1. I find it extraordinary that anyone who supports any charity would take £5,000 out of the charity for a one-hour appearance at a fund-raising brunch.

      Did he eat the food too? Utterly bizarre.

  8. White Dee would make a more effective K&C MP

    1. Rupert Bear would also be more acceptable

  9. The guy is a trougher. Pure and simple trougher. Parasites have no business being representatives.

  10. This blog is a classic opportunity for Sir Malcolm Rifkind to contribute and justify his position.


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