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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


This is the time of year when the Mayor sits in her Parlour constructing the invitation list for her Christmas shindig.
(The Dame will be out of the country so won't attend)

Normally, out of courtesy, the Mayor invites predecessors.

The Dame warns her not to invite disgraced ex councillor Barry Phelps...a one time Mayor of the Royal Borough and ex chairman of the Planning Committee. 
To jog memories....Phelps was exposed by the Hornet's Nest for circulating a series of vile, innuendo laden emails of  very under age boys. 
Pooter was reluctant to fire his buddy but Sir Delboy Myers moved swiftly to do for Phelps.

Shamelessly, the deeply unpleasant Phelps had no compunction in using the Council's email system to circulate his filth to a select list 
of ' demi monde establishment' figures.
No one accuses Phelps of 'acting out' his strange fantasies, but only the naive or blind would fail to see what motivated his disgusting behaviour.
The Dame gives a stern warning to the are NOT to invite Mr Phelps to your do so at your peril. 


  1. Earls Court Warrior18 November 2014 at 23:53

    Actually, Dame it was a gay couple who gave you the emails. Gays HATE pedophiles with a vengeance

  2. Is he included in the PIE investigations now?

  3. Whether or not the Mayor invites Phelps to her Christmas shindig will very much depend on what the Mayor can get out of it. If there's any way it will help her on her "rise to the top" then Phelps will be near the top of the guest list.

  4. Didn't the erstwhile Myers also do for Councillor Daly for failing to grass Phelps when he received an e-mail with one of Phelps' lewd pics attached to it through the Council's e-mail system.


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