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Wednesday, 26 November 2014


The Dame intends to have a quiet word in Cllr Danny 'Boys' Moylan ear.

Nick Paget-Brown needs support in these troubled times. He does not need mischief makers, like Danny Boys, stirring up trouble. 
Christopher Biggins
Danny Boys is a clever chap. He can quote ad nauseum from the works of other clever people but is not-and never will be, a leader of men. 
However, in his favour he is an avid reader of the Dame's stuff: so much so that he answered the Dame's demand for a library shot and sent in one of himself from his Oxford days. 

One hopes that Cllr Ahern will not call him in for a dressing down.... Conservative councillors are forbidden the Hornet.

For some reason he also copied in his colleagues and referred to himself as 'Christopher Biggins'
Why? Possibly because they both have hilariously fruity accents.....

To lead one needs to inspire and bring people together to find common cause. 
Danny Boys thrives on dividing and ruling.

Common sense prevailed when Danny Boys' schmoozing of Conservative councillors failed to cut the mustard.

Danny Boys election as leader would have been the severest blow to local democracy.


  1. Has the Dame been drinking again?

  2. Danny has a very complex private life and Biggins is a pseudonym that he uses on certain occasions when it is convenient to try and hide his true identity. Transparency does not come naturally to the bus driver's son

  3. One hopes it's only Moylan's known hatred of all references to his father's profession that encouraged Wasp to mention it. Moylan's antecedents are irrelevant. He is repellent at every level and on his own terms. His manner is so appalling, he manages to make the useless NPG look presidential by comparison. Some political achievement.


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