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Monday, 17 November 2014


Peter Spira is a leading City figure and K&C resident.

His view on the monstrosity planned to replace the magnificent and much loved Odeon is most informative......

Dear Dame 

The Odeon and neighbouring old Post Office have long been landmarks of this part of Kensington with a reasonable height that does not block out the light which is becoming in ever shorter supply in many parts of London, including ours, to the detriment of all of us. 
Furthermore this area is rapidly becoming overcrowded by residents of high tower blocks whilst at the same time projects such as Westway are ever attracting more shoppers to the financial detriment of the High Street.

The idea of a deep subterraneous cinema block will certainly frighten off many potential cinema goers and is a recipe for a horrible exposure to potential fire accidents.

And in this age of ugly concrete blocks the loss of any greenery would be a cause of much sadness.

A more modest reconstruction would be far more acceptable and would be welcomed by numerous residents living in the surrounding areas.

Yours sincerely, 

Peter Spira

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