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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


A certain type of rich American woman inhabiting the plusher parts of London think they know what's best for us all.
A good example is wife of super rich 'hedgie' Lady Jill Shaw Ruddock. 
Her hubby, Sir Paul, gave £500k to the Tory Party and won a K for services to the hedge fund industry(funny sort of 'industry' but there you go)
Normally, residents write to the council to stop some planning travesty: not Her Ladyship.
She writes to the Council telling it what to do. 
But then she is the sort of 'lady' with such an inflated opinion of herself she probably expects to be invited in to vet the plans...or maybe she is friends with developers.
Doubtless, she would like to get the old Dame to go to one of her centres for GRACEFUL AGEING
Well, the Dame has an excellent cosmetic surgeon and thus no need.

The bigger question is this.....when wives of rich hedgies want something there is generally an ulterior motive.

If her taste in redevelopment is anything like her taste in 'upholstery' we should be very wary...

Dear RBKC Councillors
I understand that there has been a planning application for a really exciting redevelopment of one of the gateways sites in Notting Hill, sitting immediately above the tube station at the junction of Pembridge Gardens and Notting Hill Gate.

In my opinion, as a local resident, I think this project will transform what is currently a rundown area full of nondescript shops and buildings. There are several key points I would like to make as to why you should approve the planning of this site.

1.       It will act as a catalyst to further, much needed, investment and improvements to regenerate the area   
2.       After many years of inactivity in improving the Notting Hill Gate environment, this new building will give confidence in the long-term future of the area and will contribute positively towards making Notting Hill Gate a better place to live and visit.  
3.           The relocation of the underground station entrance to provide step-free access, widening the pavement and other public realm improvements, will be welcomed by many local residents, as well as by visitors to the area.   
4.          The new Corbin & King retail/restaurant use will give a retail boost to this part of Notting Hill Gate and provide an entirely new high quality retail/restaurant offer for the benefit of local residents and visitors  
5.          The new residential apartments would replace the current low-quality flats on the upper floors of the existing buildings and contribute towards the regeneration of the area.

It is my hope that the council will approve this application that will give the area a springboard to rejuvenate Notting Hill’s high street. I have submitted my comments on your website, and I hope others will do the same and write to their Councillors and  voice their opinions on this very important planning consent.

With best wishes
Jill Shaw Ruddock

Lady  Jill Shaw Ruddock


  1. THE MARQUIS OF LENNOX18 November 2014 at 09:53

    She reminds me of my third wife....a dreadful American. I thought she had a vast fortune to support my sun down estates. I found out she had nothing so dumped her.

  2. She can either be Lady Ruddock or Jill Shaw Ruddock; unless she is daughter of an earl or a duke she just cannot be Lady Jill Shaw Ruddock. Please explain, dear Dame to stop her making herself a laughing stock. (A snob writes...)

  3. I fear that Lady Jill Shaw Ruddock is unteachable.....

  4. Referring to the matter under discussion, while her style is doubtless irritating, it is normal practice for residents to write to the planning department in support of planning applications.

    1. Nonsense...and yes, her style is irritating and her motivation highly suspect

  5. As one of the great unwashed I, like our councillors, will always defer to someone with a title. A title instils a sense of trust and respectability, as can be seen from our council's very own Sir Merrick Cockell.


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