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Saturday, 1 November 2014


The Cabinet-despite the protests of residents, neighbours, the 20th Century Society, Kensington Society, ESSA and Earl's Court Society, have decided to go with Option 4. 
The result? A perfect example of award winning, mixed housing, lost forever.
And, doubtless, in a decade or two, people will say, "what council inspired vandalism"

Some residents of these 'gardens in the sky' have lived there for over thirty years. 
They say it's a perfect example of what community living should be about- a blend of leasehold, council and privately owned homes.

But its destruction is not a foregone conclusion.
A last ditch effort to safeguard what Annie Redmile eloquently describes as 'our gardens in the sky' needs to be made. 
Neighbours of the 'gardens in the sky' are equally outraged. 

One told the Dame.....

"Those of us in the surrounding area are incensed. It was almost as an afterthought we were even invited to a public meeting.
We are up in arms and plan to get English Heritage to list the square and terrace."

And behind this ill conceived plan is Rock Feilding Mellen. 
Feilding Mellen has form for upsetting people and destroying things of beauty. 
His last effort(defeated) was an attempt to build on ancient Norfolk WOODLANDS
More recently, he has to tried to uproot the vulnerable children of Parkwood Hall School so the land could be flogged off for building.

Making deputy leader a mere boy: one who has done nothing of note in his life, has proven to be an utter disaster.
Rock F-M's arrogant and petulant manner upsets everyone. 

Fortunately, the leader-an emollient chap, is there to pour oil on the troubled waters his hapless deputy stirs up....

Feilding Mellen got his job as part of a deal to keep young councilllors like Mosley, Barkhordar et al happy.
They are all moving on so there is no reason for Nick Paget-Brown to hang on to young Feilding Mellen. Dump him Nick!


  1. Feilding Mellen is just using his council career to support his failed attempts at property development

  2. Good luck to campaigners in their bid to save the 'gardens in the sky' from yet another deeply dubious decision from our hopeless, hapless overlords at Hornton Street. In their infinite wisdom, the myopic, cloth-eared clots at English Heritage have lamely failed to list that still-viable, cultural and economic icon of British industrial heritage, Earl's Court, shanghaied (pun intended) by the developers and their Town Hall poodles, sold to any overseas speculator with a few million in loose change to wager in the K&C Casino.

  3. 100s of staff are being shipped into Pembroke road offices from H&F - where are they all going to work if the building goes?

  4. Rock F-M attended all the community meetings with residents to discuss and "consult" on the destruction of their homes. He reported back to the Council that everyone was "very happy". This begs the question whether he told the hapless social rented tenants that they will be shipped off to live in cheaper places, maybe out of the borough - and if they have any adult children as part of their household, these adults will not be rehoused but can apply to be deemed "homeless", so that they can be rehomed far out of the borough, in the volatile private sector, where they will have no security of tenure and no protection from disrepair or massive rent increases. If only Annie Redmile had read the small print a bit earlier - like the Sutton residents of Chelsea. Any campaign to save the estate is now far too late.

    1. Our Councillors lie through their teeth and serve vested interests. In any other country this would be called what it is: "corruption"; and those perpetrating it corrupt and beneath contempt. Why are we all so insistent on pretending otherwise?

    2. Any resident who believes Tory Councillors that they may have voted for all their lives will act in their interests needs to take a step back and re-appraise the situation. K&C Tory Councillors will not act against K&C Tory Council. For all their feigned injury at being accused of social cleansing that is precisely what they are intent upon. Polite dialogue will not save you. They are stabbing you in the back and selling you down the river. Strike back and kick 'em where it hurts.

  5. Obvious question: what are the Ward Councillors' thoughts on all of this? Are they willing to stand up for their residents, many of whom voted them in, or not?

    It's pretty clear what the Council leadership from Nick and Rock down want do do - "regenerate" at all costs. But what do the three Ward Councillors think? They must surely be capable of independent thought. Or are they merely blue-rinse sheep troughing on their allowances and incapable of anything other than following the party line?


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