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Monday, 24 November 2014



We are are constantly told Opera Holland Park allows poor and smelly people to sample the delights of high opera thus the Dame was grateful to a reader for alerting her to the OHP Scenario advertising rate makes informative reading.....

SCENARIO Opera Holland Park’s programme for the season
During the season we have 98% occupancy with audience numbers exceeding 40,000 Our opera season runs from the beginning of June to beginning of August.
Our audiences are made up of professional people
27% Senior Managers – such as Chief Executives or Finance Professionals etc 27% Traditional Managers – such as Accountants, Medical Practitioners etc 24% Modern Professionals – such as teachers, software designers etc 78% of our audience is made up of professional people
Our audiences are high earning
25% earns in excess of £100,000 45% earns from £50,000 > £100,000 26% earns from £30,000 > £50,000
Two thirds of our audience are local or from within central London.

Looking at the guts of this you can see that the audience is far from being poor and culturally deprived: in fact, it looks like us poor old taxpayers are subsidising high rollers who don't even live in the Rotten Borough.
Something else emerges too....if it still makes losses with a 98% occupancy then 'Foxy' Volpe's claim that one day his plaything will make profits is the stuff of operatic fantasy.

Put the thing out of its misery's a long term loser.


  1. My blood just boiled.

    Opera Holland Park is a business in a prime London location that pays no rent, no rates, no staff costs and no maintenance costs. And it still makes a loss.

    Volpe claims a 98% occupancy, but more than 15% of tickets are given away by a Council that is attempting to force feed youngsters from North Kensington.

    This whole saga is the smoke and mirrors production of the Century

    1. The Dame is doing a sterling job to expose what is going on in Hornton Street. Democracy is supposed to prevent abuse of power by the favoured few.

  2. OHP is an "in crowd" activity for rich Kensington Opera lovers and philistines who are given free tickets by Bankers trying to persuade them to give over their money for investment. All very well. But not on tax payers money, please. And certainly not in competition for funds that also support the weak and vulnerable in the Royal Borough

  3. I've just met a recent arrival from a less than affluent area south of the Thames. Having reviewed the lack of public services in the rotten borough, he immediately grasped why there's money to throw at HPO and similarly self-serving "jollies" for councillors and their cronies. They simply spend our money on their own interests rather than those of the public, safe in the knowledge that nothing short of a black maria at the front door will force them out. A disgrace.

  4. Staggering how power corrupts. The troughers and puffers of Hornton Street have been at it for too long. But now the Dame is on to them.

  5. Who makes these idiots accountable for spending taxpayers money. This is disgusting and embarrassing. How will they justify their cuts to services now?

  6. Emmanuel Goldstein25 November 2014 at 23:00

    What sort of perverse half-wit would put spending on opera before schools.
    What sort of lowlife would close the Thamesbrook home and kick all the alzheimers and dementia patients out of the area and then spend millions on the opera.
    Nick Paget Brown, you are a disgrace. Step down now before you discredit your party any further.

  7. Pull the other one, Volpe

    1. What a reptile this guy is

  8. Who is Nick Pagett Brown? DOH!

  9. In some respects RBK&C is run purely for the benefit of the rich and forgets it's prime function and that is to provide essential servcies and that is all.Sadly, RBK&C is a monopoised by Tories rather like the way Liverpool was Labour when it was run by Derek Hatton in the seventies/eighties. Hence, it is not truly democratic at all because if it was left all the people who live in RBK&C, I am sure that any subsidy for Opera Holland Park would be cease immediately..


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