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Thursday, 28 February 2013


Why does the Rotten Borough need a budget to fritter away on the bursaries for an artist living in East Sussex? 
Befitting someone in the 'creative sector' our Director of Culture, Donna Pentelow, has come up with some very creative explanations as to why the Rotten Borough should be wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds on 'artistic enterprises'
A Dame aid asked why we should be paying large sums of money to a East Sussex based artist.
Donna Pentelow tells us that we need to spend this money for, amongst other things, "the better health, engagement  and well being of residents"! She also tells us it will help "develop a stronger and more sustainable creative economy" Getting more excited she goes on to suggest it will enhance the Rotten Borough's creative reputation.....and she does not mean PM Pooter's creative explanations for his luxury international trips and fine dining!
But in all seriousness this is so much tripe. We already spend millions on Opera Holland Park and the Middle Eastern NOUR festival.
The other important point is that we are fortunate to live in a city renowned for the depth and diversity of artistic creativity....what is the Council doing sticking an oar in? 
Let's spend money where it is needed...the old, the sick and the helpless....not on the likes of plutocratic East Sussex artists.



  1. They've got to find a way of spending the money saved by closing the old people's luncheon club.

  2. Spending council tax in this way is a scandal

  3. A failure of Leadership. The private spending of public money. Only a media outcry will stop this kind of thing.

  4. Hornton Street just does not get it and that is why people no longer have any respect for most politicians and why many will not bother to vote until there is change. This Conservative Council should be a flag ship and a shining example of efficient and prudent management. Instead we have a bloated Council which fritters money away on luxury loss making ventures such as Holland Park Opera while turning the screw on the poorest in the Royal Borough. In truth Sir Merrick should be ashamed of himself and anybody else (i.e. Councillors) who are prepared just to sit back and look after No.1 at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society.


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