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Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Why is local government in such a mess? The answer is crystal clear....Its leaders are generally of such a poor calibre they would not survive outside the cosseted enclaves of their town and city halls.
Let's analyse the cunning plan Prime Minister Pooter Cockell came up with, in cahoots with the leader of Peterborough City Council, the frightening looking, 'Don' Mario Cereste.
Evidently Don Mario has quite a reputation and the Dame is pleased to recommend this excellent local blog...
required reading now that the Don and Pooter are 'bedding down' together. Pooter has even invited the Don down to 'his' posh borough to enjoy some opera at 'his' opera company. Time to check again on Pooter's ex's, methinks....
Pooter told Cereste the taxpayers of K&C would fund a £50 million housing programme in Peterboro' to absorb those on the K&C waiting list.Did the two twits never consider the consequence of their ill thought through plan? It took local Conservative MP, Stewart Jackson, to point out its crass stupidity.

Peterborough has 9,000 to be housed....and worse, over 8,000 unemployed-and rising. 

If these two were trying to concoct a recipe for social and economic disaster this could not be bettered!
The Dame has been asked what she thinks the solution to London's housing problems is. Well, the priority is to have intelligent and expert people thinking through a London wide solution....not a couple of 'no hopers' like Cockell and Cereste plotting a one off solution.
What you don't do is dump thousands of people on an already over-stretched council like Peterboro'.
What you do do is consider(if they exist) areas of the country which could safely absorb smaller numbers of incomers on a gradualist basis.


  1. Dear Dame, there are plenty of such places within the borough, many owned by the borough. Quite simply, they do not WANT to house their poor. They want them 'elsewhere'.

    Just disgraceful.

    I know it's true, I've read the policies.

  2. The truly terrifying thing is that many of those currently in power are incapable comprehending that in treating those less fortunate than themselves in such a way, they sow seeds of fury in their victims.

  3. What a pair of muffins

  4. How does an initiative like this fit in with Tri Borough policy, strategy, behaviour? It seems that K&C Councillors and officers were kept in the dark until the Dame exposed what is going on with K&C council tax. What about Councillors in Hammersmith and Westmenster. Were they in the dark too?

    Is Mr Myers in on the act? Did he tell the Leader of Hammersmith?

    All very murky.

  5. This is the kind of corruption that has become a hallmark of Hornton Street. The private spending of public money. Hopefully the Dame has nipped this scandal in the bud

  6. Pooter should be 'Sectioned'.The poor chap has now gone completely mad.

  7. Don Marco (or as usually named - fat Marco the dictator)is an unrepentant mug who deals in deals, locate him and his cronies on the Peterborough City Council spending £6m on water fountains, trying to persuade the good citizens of this borough to invest in water taxis (the river passes his house, but little else) and his latest wheeze to welcome with open arms those poorest & without jobs that 'rich' London boroughs don't want lingering around like a bad smell, take him with a pinch of salt (or preferably with a pinch of garlic) he's a nutter - but with a majority to do as he pleases.

  8. This is the transcript from BBC Cambridgeshire when our local presenter verbally set upon the italian wonder and imported some of your cockney heritage ( OK geography not a strong point around here ) for . You can catch the orginal on the BBC i=player if you are quick - as a former resident of Kensington (Pembroke Place, W8) - and editor of the Peterborough Tribune blog so graciously highlighted by her Royal Kinsingtoness The Dame we are equally happy to share our cultural delights with you and the residents who will be beating down our borders in order to escape from Kensington. Our tourist videos can be seen nightly on Sky in the Cop Squad series. Enjoy in the meantime if you have any news do let us know...or better still tell The Dame!

  9. Sir Merrick Cockell - in talks with Marco

    Marco Cerestes new best friend...The leader of London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea known locally by Kensington mediia as 'Prime Minister' Pooter Cockell, Sir Merrick Cockell. Branded a hypocrite by the Daily Mail : "Sir Merrick Cockell, reports the DM, tried to cash in on the Olympic glory despite being out of the country for the second week of the games in a posh rented luxury villa in Spain ...." Sir Merrick will be delighted with the news that a 'so called open letter' dealing with his discussions over several months on housing Kensington families in Peterborough will be publicly released. later this week by the Leader of Peterborough City Council .... Glasses of Asti Spumante all round.. Cant quite run to the usual Kensington tipple Moet Chandon ...

  10. SHORT EXTRACT FROM from the Peterborough Tribune

    The Marco Cereste Open Letter explained...

    You really have to seriously consider if Cllr Marco Cereste is living in this world, or in a publicly funded ring fenced fantasy world of his own.

    Or perhaps he is not aware of the actions of a former leader of a local authority one Dame Shirley Porter, who had played a key role in a scheme that sold off council homes to potential Tory voters.

    She originally faced a judgement debt of some £27m plus interest and costs, following a prolonged legal battle. The gerrymandering scandal relates to a decision in July 1987 by Westminster to sell 500 homes each year under a policy called "building stable communities".

    We refer of course to the Leaders latest adventure offering Peterborough social housing to the social housing toffs of Kensington, and perhaps the Dear Leader would like to consider this dictionary definition of a Toff: "In British English slang, a toff is a mildly derogatory term for someone with an aristocratic background, particularly someone who exudes an air of superiority." This brings us back to the so called open letter sent to our Scottish owned weekly newspaper, and not democratically released through the PCC Press Office, as an official council document or response. But nothing daunted we have obtained a copy of the so called open letter and will take you through the important part line by line from the point of view that the PCC solicitor must have seen and approved the draft before releasing it.


    MC: Many people will have read and heard about tentative discussions between our city and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea regarding the possible purchase of land on whcih to build homes for current RBKC tenants.

    TRIBsays Kensington councillors report this week they have not been party to any discussions and know nothing at all about it.

    MC: Some people will have rushed to conclusions about a proposed partnership and dismissed it before considering what the potential benefits could be to the city [of Peterborough]

    TRIBsays Marco Cereste is known for sailing very close to the wind (and flying too near the sun a bit like Icarus), he rarely confides with his councillors, only conferring when its Cereste done deal, and has reduced his councillors to a block voting mechanism, some councillors even stealing a furtive look at the dear leader before daring to vote. His threat to remove the public from the Cabinet meeting last week and a refusal to answer questions, demonstrates that any form of democratic debate in this city is routinely trashed. Mr Cereste has often said that "his door is open and that everyone who writes to him will receive a reply" unfortunately he then added the rider " the reply might not be what they wanted to hear" or put another way its Cerestes way or the highway....

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