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Friday, 22 February 2013


You have to hand it to our 'Prime Minister'....his old commercial instincts-honed during his days flogging fags to Africa-have served him well. In partnership with the Dame's old friend, The Mole(thank you Mole for the illustration) he has developed a board game based on his new property development venture in Peterborough. Let's wish him last.... we can see the possibility of getting rid of him!
PS Mole....a  garden corner has been reserved for you....


  1. Hilarious.....welcome home Mr Mole

  2. K & C is the only London Borough with a shrinking population. Pooter's campaign to rid the Rotten Borough of inconvenient poor people has again made national news. The reactionary clique in Hornton Street will only be satisfied when, from Cheyne Walk to the Harrow Road, all housing is empty mega-homes owned by shady, non-tax paying, offshore companies for the benefit of equally shady, non-tax paying, non-dom. Maids, gardeners and dog walkers will commute. It's a vision of a very tory kind of hell.

  3. Moving people out of K&C to solve a housing shortage will not work. It just creates space for other refugees and no hopers to move in, to be funded by the tax payer.

    Prime Minister you are supposed to be a Tory. Have faith in the market. Allow it to work. There are market solutions for all of this

  4. A Kensington Tory has no problem in referring to people who happen to be poor as synonymous with "refugees and no hopers." Pooter is creating a very tory kind of hell, where only the rich are valued.


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