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Thursday, 28 February 2013


One has to hand it to our council....when it comes to finding ways of  wasting our money Prime Minister, Pooter Cockell excels.
A few years back Pooter thought it would be fun to institute a lavish annual reception at the Town Hall for the Diplomatic Corps. Now the more prescient of the Dames' readers might wonder what our Prime Minister was doing organising a reception falling within the purlieu of our Foreign Secretary, Mr Hague. Anyway, The Dame hears that the social interaction between Their Excellencies Accredited to the Court of St James's and our councillors was somewhat strained: it seemed that the diplomats were having a hard time making conversation with our councillors; some even wondered about the purpose of the evening...apart from massaging the fragile ego of Cockell.
The Dame spied(yes, she was there as a guest) Cllr Dezzie working the floor. He seemed particularly focused upon diplomats from the more exotic areas of the hopes Dezzie was not trying to wangle an all expenses paid fact finding beach trip.
The Dame also had the honour of chatting with the Azerbajaini ambassador. He was keen to defend his government's attitude to homosexuals saying that they didn't torture them 'too much'! It does not appear that the Hornet would go down a storm there:the our Pooter, does not like criticism.
The rest of the diplomats seemed a motley, rather low grade bunch...

There is no reason for residents' money to be wasted on this sort of nonsense: it is a function of the Foreign Office to entertain diplomats-not the local council.


  1. Someone should put in a Freedom of Information request for the cost of this event, while the poor are daily being shipped out to Peterborough.

    As for Councillor Dez O'Neill, fawning over those who may one day come in useful to him, is his speciality.

    1. Good you

  2. Alas, it is under instruction from the government (of all stripes) that the Council holds a reception for diplomats whose embassy or high commission lies within its boundaries. This is not negotiable - all Councils with embassies and high commissions have to do it. It used to be a grand annual dinner, but that was abandoned because it was found that the diplomats only wanted to talk to each other and councillors found it difficult to deal with diplomatic spouses with little grasp of English - quite apart from being nice to those who represent horrific regimes. But a grand opportunity for smoochers like our Dezzie.

    1. I am sure you're seem to have some officer perhaps?
      But surely this is the moment to put a foot down. Does Westminster have a similar bash?


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