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Thursday, 7 February 2013


It would seem that if you are stinking rich and rarely in London Mr Bore and his feeble Planning Committee members allow you to do what you wish....even though it means disrupting the lives of traditional, less well off, neighbours.
This seems the case judging by the decision yesterday to grant Muck Flick permission to build a vast underground complex under his already massive Georgian mansion. And it is the Georgian mansion bit that got the Dame thinking....
English Heritage always object to any basement under the 'foot print' of a listed building so why are they not objecting to this application? Well, it seems that because Muck's pad is tucked away so they didn't notice it! As the Dame's old friend, disgraced ex cllr and Mayor Barry Phelps was wont to say, "you could not make it up!"

The Dame encourages residents to email Mr Roger Bowlder, head of English Heritage, asking him to send his staff over to assess the property. 
The Standard have written a major piece about Muck's plans Muck to excavate the mud

Here's a bit about the  FLICK FAMILY.....

Interestingly, one resident, George Barbour wrote plaintively that the project was  “tasteless” and “environmentally hazardous”, adding: “I’m appalled by the council’s decision — but not surprised, as it’s always riding roughshod over residents’ views.”

Residents associations are putty in the hands of this council. Councillors have no fear of them. In fact, those that toe the line and do what they're told are even given £500 and a Gold Medal! Pathetic!

Resident associations need to get a grip and put up their own candidates at the next elections. That is the only threat this Rotten Borough takes seriously.


  1. You do speak utter c**p.

    Even the Liberal Councillor, who get elected on a by-election planning agenda is now saying that there is very little she can do and that the council is very restricted.

    Residents Associations are independent and have leading members of the communitiy involved. The pick their battles carefully and many times they win.

    1. Looks like another comment from the local buffoon Cllr Palmer....Why? Even the Liberal cllr what wot got elected and Palmer you don't spell community in the bizarre way you have. And I suppose you mean they...not the.
      You really are an embarrassment

  2. Rich people in K&C can do anything because Pooter likes their company and craves for adoration

  3. True...when Doctor Thompson threatened to stand during Moylan's attempt to f***k up Sloane Sq it got Cockell into a real panic

  4. The subject of paedophiles and cllrs interested in young boys came up.
    To recap...Andrew Lamont was convicted of child porn possession; Cllr Barry Phelps, an ex mayor was forced out for circulating, on the Council email system images of under age boys with vile captions. Cllr Daley, as a recipient was also forced to resign for being a recipient. There is one other senior cllr known for having an interest in young boys and three others who have a reputation. What a cesspit!

  5. and of course there is the Hornet and its links to paedophiles. Something Cllr Palmer never stops reminding me about and is quite open to tell anyone who is listening.zzzzzzzzz

    Another Cllr

    1. is there any proof?, this is a very serious allegation.

    2. contact cllr palmer at

    3. Oh dear Palmer, didn't your 'business' [hohoho] get into trouble for having links to 'extramarital' and 'intergenerational dating' as the euphemisms have it?

      And someone on Team Dame cached it all!

      People in glass houses ... silly boy.

  6. Sir Merrick reminds me of a jumped up civil servant type, rather like Captain Mainwaring except Captain Mainwaring is far more competent and does a better job.

  7. Cllr. Palmer's "evidence" is that the Dame uses the same or similar ISP as, allegedly, some paedophile websites.

    1. Dear Gentle Readers
      ISP is short for Internet Service Provider. A sort of big front door through which everyone using the Internet walks through


      Computer Buff

  8. From what I heard the Dame actually called Notting Hill Police Station on this matter and they said not only had they no interest, but considered that Cllr Palmer was 'wasting police time'.....a criminal offence!

  9. The hilarious part of it all is that Cllr Palmer was...and possibly still is- a mate of the pervert Phelps, who enjoys commenting, like a filthy old man, on images of young boys. He would also socialise with ex Cllr Lamont, who narrowly escaped a prison sentence for possession of child porn(the wife put it there, m'lud)!


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