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Sunday, 17 February 2013


The advantage of living in the Royal Borough is one can exist in a bubble, immune from the cruel realities of life in the grubby world outside. 

Lucky Julian Wild must be having a good old giggle down at the Arts Club.....not only is he not a resident of our Borough but lives in East Sussex! So why are we wasting this money on someone who neither lives in the Borough nor has never paid our Council tax. It is clearly a case of who you know.....

It seems Mr Wild has persuaded our Medici like 'Prime Minister' Pooter Cockell to dip into the £180 million of reserves to sort him out with a purpose built studio! 

And this is not the first is another, previous example of Cockell, showing off with our hard earned cash....

According to Pooter,"Talented artist Jodie Carey can
concentrate on her art rather than
the problems of finding– and
funding – somewhere to work,
thanks to a new bursary scheme
set up by Kensington and Chelsea
The studio bursary scheme gives
local artists like Jodie access to free
studio space for three years, an
annual bursary of £5,000 and help
with other bills and insurance costs.
They also receive membership of
the Chelsea Arts Club and further
help with the cost of materials
through the support of the Chelsea
Arts Club Trust.
What a waste  of our money!

"Wrestling Pythons" by Julian Wild
1 February - 3 March

Our current Leighton House exhibition is 'Wrestling Pythons' by the sculptor Julian Wild.
Wrestling Pythons

From 2009-2012 Julian Wild was recipient of The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea/Chelsea Arts Club Trust Studio Bursary. The bursary provided Julian with a purpose built studio in the borough. For this exhibition Julian will be showing works made during the residency.
The title of the exhibition is taken from Leighton's most famous sculpture 'Athlete Wrestling with a Python'. Many of the works in Wild's exhibition are inspired by the serpentine forms in Leighton's sculpture. The seductive surfaces of Wild's sculptures also reference the decorative processes used inside the house.  'Wrestling Pythons' can be taken as a metaphor for the difficult task of making and installing this work in such a historically and visually rich place.

The Dame says it is an insult to the poor and needy that the Borough pays for this sort of silly indulgence when we cannot afford basic care for the needy.....


  1. Struggling Arty Type17 February 2013 at 16:44

    Dear Dame, you are quite right as always. The rotten borough will always find cash for the more decorative types and simply paper over the cracks in the crumbling structure.

    Ooh, that was almost arty, do you think I could apply for a literature bursary? A free studio and Chelsea Arts Club membership plus pocket money to spend there, yes please, that will do nicely.

  2. This kind of story makes my blood boil. A Hornton Street Administration that is totally out of touch with the times

  3. Why on earth is hard earned Council tax being used for this trash?

  4. There is a whole raft of Committees and Officers setting up these competitions, judging "art" and making awards. It is sick. Jobs for the boys and ego boosts for Pooter and Boy Mellen

    1. No dear, it is NICHOLAS PAGET-BROWN, he of the Cultural Quarter nonsense. He genuinely thinks that Art can regenerate the poor bits of the borough.

      But then he is pretty thick.

  5. It is funny how corrupt and corrupted systems find it hard to look in a mirror and see reality

  6. I'm hopeless at Photoshop, but if I wasn't I would create a lovely image of Marie Antoinette with Cllr Paget-Brown's face - for it is he, of course, who lives in a fool's paradise.

    Anyone help us out here?

  7. Stand Up For Britain18 February 2013 at 10:20

    It is a hopeless, profligate and irresponsible soft regime that needs a stick of dynamite up its backside. No difference between an East Sussex out of work artist being given a studio and £5k per year in Chelsea (funded from Council tax) and the Ehtiopian family living in a £7,000 per month house in Kensington rented for them by the Council.

    UKIP is urgently needed in K&C

  8. It must be great to be Pooter's chum. Our money floats down from the sky into their pockets. This is surely private patronage with public money. Is it illegal as well as immoral, or should it be amoral?

    I intended to relate this scandal to events leading up to the French Revolution, but see Mosquito got there first.


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