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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Councillor Matthew Palmer is a very strange fellow. He  constantly opines the Dame is unread and has no influence. Yet, on a daily basis, he uses the Hornet to air his madcap opinions. 
Of late, some of his comments have verged on the defamatory and the Dame has been forced to remove the wilder ones. 
He is clearly trying to replace Cllr Feilding Mellen as Pooter's favourite: it will not work...
In fact, Pooter has intimated he does not quite know what to do with his looney 'loose cannon.'
Doubtless Palmer will bore us all with his view that the Dame is politically partisan and engages in censorship. In doing so he will ignore the fact that the Dame has attacked the Lib Dems and the Labour Group. In fact, the Dame gave Cllr Blakeman such a roasting that she ended up in Private Eye!

The Dame is relentless in her attacks on the Majority Group and will call them to account when they transgress our rights and waste our money.

The Dame is politically neutral but she will not stand by whilst residents have their pockets picked and their rights abused  by an out of control council.


  1. Well said Dame! A sturdy defense of Liberty and democracy and a shot across the bows of the oaf Palmer

  2. Every family has one. K&C is no exception. We are all landed with the unfortunate Cllr Palmer. A most human situation. In time let us hope that this can be handled in a humane way

  3. Billy Bunter was a prat and Inspector Palmer is a prat. And my goodness, they look alike!

  4. CALL the police offensive remarks on the Hornet Comment section !

  5. Expressed well, agreed @ Anonymous 14.32

  6. Some mothers do 'ave em

  7. Tired Tory Councillor18 December 2012 at 17:41

    Councillor Palmer is a 'Bungle of little brain' and doesn't know the difference between plain rudeness and defamatory comments.

    For the record, saying someone is overweight, stupid, a toady, an idiot, a brown-noser and a prat is rude. However, intimating that someone is a liar or a cheat or otherwise breaking rules they are bound by or the law is defamatory.

    Got it Bungle?


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