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Thursday, 20 December 2012


Cllr 'Madcap' Palmer has written to all councillors... and even included the Dame in his diatribe.The Dame wishes he would get one of his colleagues to vet his output...this one is embarrassing to the Conservative Party and seems to have been written by fourteen year old...

"It amazes me the depths at which the Labour party will stoop. This latest newsletter  is part of a long line of lies your party  have told.   Cllr Coleridge has a valid point but he is too polite in saying how your party operates.
You say my newsletters are  “misleading, abusive and inaccurate” please show me where?
For example here is a link to two pages of my previous newsletter.
In it, I clearly call your party liars, if that is not the case please tell me where there is any mistake.

A much better way forward is that your party did not print / say out right lies, that I and the Conservative group have to go around correcting whist telling residents your party are liars.  ??????

Happy Christmas

Cllr Palmer"


  1. I cannot understand a single word of this. What on earth is it all about?

    1. Wasp , it's a continuing war of words in St Charles ward that Palmer 'represents', a split ward with two Labour Councillors.

      The Conservatives have challenged some of the statements made in a recent Labour Newsletter. Palmer has been foolish enough to call them liars - not for the first time - but, as this is against the Code of Conduct, unless he can prove this he could be told to step down.

      Labour are delighted as every barmy comment brings them nearer to a by-election. The Conservatives are cowering in their bunker as a FOURTH by-election caused by misconduct is the last thing they need. However, none of them can abide Palmer, who is a total embarrassment to hard-working Conservatives and a liability in their last foothold in North Kensington that they could do without.

      They also fear that Palmer might join UKIP, where he would probably be welcomed with open arms, and contest Earl's Court in 2014. This is all top secret of course.


    2. Thank you TTC. This is very clear. As a possible UKIP recruit myself I sincerely hope that this bad egg does not surface there

    3. Tired Tory Councillor21 December 2012 at 09:57

      Excuse me Wasp, I should have guessed. But this is bad news for sitting Councillors who were hoping to pack him off to UKIP-land where he would - we believe - disappear without trace.

      I don't like Farage at all or his politics, but he is a clever man and has an easy charm that many fall for.

    4. The problem is that Kensington and Chelsea Tories are currently such a dreadful lot, and many long standing Tory residents have put up with it for so long, that the only option may be to find somewhere else to go. Labour is out of the question, Libs even more out of the question. So what is the alternative?

      Local Government is not really about "party politics". It is much more about local issues and the quality of local representatives. The Libs are the pits. Some of Labour are well meaning (eg Cllr Dent Coade) but they are infected by mad people. The Tories have the benefit of numbers and could be brought around by good Leadership. Unfortunately Cllr Cockell is a walking and self interested disaster and this just spoils the whole show

    5. None of this sophistry is an excuse for recruiting and keeping the idiot Pslmer. As a member of ANY political party

  2. Is this person an elected representative? Or some nutter using up public funds??? Council tax payers need to be wary of unstable Councillors

  3. Another 'comforting' example of the twits in charge.

  4. How on earth did Palmer get by the Hornton Street selection process? Is it not time for his Local Association to "nuke" him?

  5. The hilarious thing, is that

    (1) Palmers leaflet has just announced to everyone that the Labour party were leafleting (just incase they didnt see it)

    (2) Its just all words, poorly written, and clearly shows someone venting their spleen. People arent interested in pathetic juvenile tit for tat political tantrums.

    (3) If Palmer was such a good local cllr he wouldnt need to dispell what he refers to as untruths, since his electorate would already know what a wonderful person he was

    (4) It looks like a pizza leaflet, so no doubt would end up in the bin. Where it belongs. Along with the authors political career!

  6. What a dickhead

  7. Having now sourced all the articles / newsletters and seen the link, there does seem to be a case of "lying" going on here that the Labour party should explain.

    Could someone from the Labour Group respond.

    1. Perhaps you (Anon 12:12) could explain this totally unsupported statement. Are you a diplomatic protection officer, possibly working for the 'Inspector'?

    2. Haha, 17.36 I think you have him there. It is none other than Clouseau himself, bumbling and incompetent as ever.

      Come now Dame, please don't leave us with this silly self-obsessed Palmer nonsense over Christmas. There must be something more interesting going on. Anyone?

  8. Silence - of course

  9. If Labour have told lies, so what? When Cllr Cockell wrote to the Local Paper and told porkies, saying that he "never used the Bentley" this was a lie according to a Freedom Of Information probe. Furious residents wrote and complained to the Standards Committee but poodle Cllr "The Lady" Hanham chirped that Cllr Cockell was indulging in "political rhetoric". Nothing wrong there...

    You Labour guys can say what you like so long as we continue to tolerate the flawed Leader of K&C

  10. There is absolutely no obligation for Labour to tell the truth while Cllr Cockell remains in office. After all, the Leader sets the tone.

    And the useless Cllr Palmer should stop rabbiting on. Every time he opens his mouth a dreadful noise emerges


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