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Friday, 28 December 2012



Cllr 'Betsy' "not very nice and very dim" Campbell delivered a Christmas present to all the young children in the Rotten  Borough just before Christmas. Something nice to shove under tree perhaps? Not exactly...'Betsy' loves to model herself on Lady Thatcher which causes us all huge ribaldry!

Renowned by us officers for being wide of the mark on most things, Betsy pointed out that there are 30 unused "children in need" places at the boroughs eight children centres. 
These centres provide vital services for children, and for "children in need" as even the ludicrous Campbell should have been able to work out.

Startling to read though, is the mathematics.Surely even dim-witted Betsy could surely figure the figures?

She says there are 30 unused "children in need" spaces 
so intends to reduce the provision from 111 to 70. 
A reduction of 41...

So if 41 spaces are removed-and currently only 30 are unused, that means 11 kids are going to have their spaces swept away. 
So what happens to them if they need the space next year? Or if there is a sudden influx?

Over to you Betsy ...........

Read it here


  1. Cllr Cockell continues with his practice of appointing dim wits to his Cabinet. On the occasion of Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, he has excelled

  2. Some people keep shooting themselves in the foot and digging holes for themselves. Sometimes they just cannot help it. Cllr E Campbell is such a person

  3. Cllr Palmer has competition


  4. Why is it that the Dame is the only opposition to this shower of incompetence at Horton Street?
    Maybe Labour and the Lib Dems will stop their collusion with the Ruling Party and try and actually stand up for the residents they were elected to represent. Then again, pigs might fly!

  5. OFFICER ABOUT TO LEAVE29 December 2012 at 07:56

    How we officers miss the sheer decency and commitment of Baroness Ritchie of Brompton.
    She really cared about the kids:unlike this stupid, pretentious woman

  6. I find it hard to believe there are 30 unused places; there is plenty of need out there. I imagine that a look at the criteria for these places would clear this up. Often the application process itself is more like a war of attrition against those who apply, the parents at their wit's end desperate for some respite and help.

    Betsy has that most dangerous of combinations: huge ambition, arrogance, total lack of self-awareness, and unbelievable stupidity. In fact she is much like a certain kind of Eton boy who goes into politics - all polish and no substance - though she will never acquire the dodgy charm that goes with it that so cleverly disguises their snobbery.

    07.55, you obviously haven't been paying attention to that other idiot Palmer - he says Labour runs The Hornet!


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