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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Is all the oxygen of international publicity going to the Mayors's head? The question has to be asked as dear old Boris seems to be becoming quite detached from reality. 

Were he the CEO of a large plc his appointments would have got him fired: at least 70% of those he has made have been defective.

Thanks to prods from The Dame our Edinburgh based MP, Sir Malc Rifkind, has fired a broadside at Boris. Well done Malc!
He has written an extremely well reasoned and cogent letter to Boris. He explains to Boris that closing down key fire stations so you can make hundreds of millions flogging the sites to property spivs might not be a good idea when conjoined with the need to keep taxpaying residents safe and sound. 
According to insiders at Sir Malc's office was received in a constructive way, so we hope a period of quiet reflection will lead to a proper needs analysis.
It is pity that MP's in adjoining and affected constituencies don't follow Rifkind's example and lobby Boris

Boris is all style and no substance. He loves being in the limelight, but has no attention to detail. 
One day he will trip up badly playing to the gallery....


  1. I cannot believe that Malcolm Rifkind MP has sparked into life and is showing an interest in something that matters to his residents. Fantastic. And well done Dame

    Keep it up Rifkind. We want more of this!

    1. Follower of Phelps6 December 2012 at 06:36

      "Keep it up Rifkind". What is this about?

    2. If you are a Follower of Phelps does that mean you too have a vile interest in pre-pubescent boys?

  2. Boris is tripping up all the time. Hasn't anyone noticed?

  3. The Dame is wrong about fire stations - and I campaign for fire safety. She should be evidence-based not instictive on this. Safety factors, and even response times, are not only dictated by having large expensive fire stations which are rarely used. She should turn her attention instead to persuading RBKC to press for installation of domestic sprinklers on all new-builds and major refurbishments - with the latest ones we would have little damage, no accidental activations and no fire fatalities at all.

  4. This has been a subject of local concern for some time and BJ should have not have been surprised that the local MP would wish to be involved

  5. As fire brigades nowadays attend traffic accidents as much as firefighting, and we cannot claim that the Royal Borough is an accident-free zone, no amount of sprinklers will help here. Every major incident sees a call-out,speed is of the essence etc etc. We need to keep our local firestations as part of our local safety net.

  6. Well done Sir Malcolm

  7. Can I ask if there's a list of potential of closures. I found a list of 17 on a Labour leaning blog from October which was updated to 31 by its author last Month. Fulham, Kensington and Knightsbridge were on his list to go-but not Chelsea.

    I read somewhere that Not So Cleverly had indicated that only around 30 of the 110 stations were safe from the chop. So what number are we potenially looking at? Any closures arent't welcome-but there's a big difference between 17, 31 and 82.....


  8. Unfortunately both Boris and sister, Rachel enjoy hogging the limelight, thinking that it is making them more popular when in fact it is having the opposite effect. I think Boris has been a poor mayor; he is full of daft grand ideas however when it comes down to delivering every day service at an affordable cost he fails dismally. Example, the ridiculously expensive cost of travelling around London; the cost has apparently gone up by 50% since Boris became Mayor. In my view everybody should pay at least something towards the huge cost of London Transport and I propose removing the Freedom Pass and replace it with a reduced annual season ticket at a cost of say, £200.00 bus only or £300.00 inc tube. Anyone who is over retirement age however is still working should have to pay the full amount like everybody else. I would however still offer free transport to the very poor or those who are poor and unable to get around on their own. Boris in truth does not think things out properly and in my view will never become PM (thank goodness). It seems to me that both Boris and sister Rachel are always seeking to promote themselves and both of them seem to be seeking photo opportunities at every possible corner. However, it does not wash with experienced journalists such as Max Hastings who knows exactly what Boris is about.

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