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Saturday, 8 December 2012


A Resident writes.....

......there is just no stopping them! 

You would never think we are in the worst financial mess since the war.
In August the ludicrous Tot Brill managed to burn through a million quid on the Exhibition Rd Olympics fiasco(The Dame is going through the accounts on this one ready to go public shortly) and  last month it was Nour Festival for Arab Gays and Lesbians  (£45k of Council Tax). 
Now the Rotten Borough has announced an "Arts Grants Scheme". Organizations can apply for grants of £3,000 and individuals can apply for grants of £1,000 if they can do" high quality arts that benefits the Borough". 

Who will decide how our council taxes should be spent on this frippery? Officers of course. And the arts and crafts supremo, Cllr Paget-Brown, the "Great Glory Of London" man who likes to describe Holland Park Opera as just that. But he forgets to mention that it is £1 million of council tax every year that blows away in the wind to give Pooter his Glyndebourne in the Park.(Pooter likes people to think he is an opera buff: what a pathetically puffed up and pretentious little ex ciggie salesman he is!


  1. When will this horrendous waste of council tax stop? Do such things happen in Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham? Does the tri Borough mean anything?

  2. Nothing wrong with the arts. Nothing at all. But in London there is no shortage of the arts! There can be no justification of using council tax from K&C residents to boost the arts which are already full to bursting point in the metropolis. This is double and triple taxation. Too many Councillors with not enough to do and too much money to spend

    1. Why is it double and triple taxation?

    2. Think about it Thicko

  3. What on earth do Councillors and Town Hall officials know about choosing artistic merit? This is a job for experts not amateurs.

  4. This is the kind of thing that leads to massive out of control spending of council tax when strong willed people throw their weight around in Hornton Street and find a Godfather who protects them.

    Case Study
    Out of work travel agent (Michel Volpe) joins Hornton Street as officer in charge of "events". He is an opera buff and spots the social climbing ambitions of Cllr Cockell who also wants opera credentials. So clever Volpe launches the idea of Holland Park Opera. Great cash guzzler that has been. £10 million of council tax so far.

    We better watch out. More splurging of council tax on things that have nothing to do with clearing the dustbins and sweeping the Parks

  5. Whilst most people appreciate the arts and living in a beautiful place, this type of funding is now not a necessity, especially when there are now two food banks in the Royal Borough, the Salvation Army's Friday £2.50 lunches are booked to capacity and St Cuthberts Centre which is a lifeline for seriously vulnerable people are about to have their funding slashed.

    It's simply another example of how out of touch with reality councillors and officers who will do and say anything to keep their jobs have become. They simply don't care and we are all NOT in this together.


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