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Friday, 28 December 2012




  1. In recent years the Planning system in K&C has gone mad. It is being used as a rubber stamp by interested parties to agree changes to our Borough that are barmy. In this case the Council itself is requesting an abomination. The promoter is the Leader of the Council, Cllr Cockell, and of course the tent will go through on the nod. The Friends are wasting their time

  2. A very well argued case. Lets see if the reptiles listen

  3. It is time to blow open the scandal of Opera Holland Park. Massive amounts of council tax have been diverted to subsidise this prestige project of the Council leadership. Tax payers are objecting to this and now the move is underway to turn a limited seven week opera season (which is not an economic proposition) into a more permanent operation in an effort to make the business plan work.

    Park lovers must resist this vigorously. And thank you to the Friends of Holland Park for taking a stand.

  4. Person Familiar With The Situation29 December 2012 at 10:47

    The Kensington Society is also resisting the proposal

  5. It is a foregone conclusion that the reliably 'pliable' Planning Committee will bend to the will of Cockell on this. The Friends will learn one thing from all this....if you vote for these people don't expect them to look after anyone's interest but there own. We need UKIP to come in and shale up this apology for democracy

  6. Once again the Dame is fighting a noble cause and supporting democracy in Kensington and Chelsea. Her followers must email the Town Hall (see link provided by the Friends) and object before 11th January


  7. All you worthies are pissing in the wind. Its a done deal

  8. The Planning Committee is stuffed with Pooter's poodles who rely on him for their SRA's and hoped for SRA's. This is a huge opportunity for each of them to gain some Brownie points. His wish is already in the bag

  9. Like all corrupt Dictatorships, the words on the lips of the acolytes is always "What does he want to hear"

  10. Conservative councillors should bear this well in mind.
    Pooter Cockell could prove to be your nemesis...

    How so you will ask? The Dame, as ever, close to all sorts of juicy gossip, can reassure you that Farage is serious in his intentions to launch a full blooded assault on RBK&C.
    He believes that if he can rout the Conservative Party in their bastion he will achieve great national kudos at little cost.
    So what has Pooter to do with the potential loss of you seat in the next elections? The answer is simple....Pooter is becoming an electoral liability and loyal Conservatives already tempted by UKIP may use their dislike of Pooter to do some tactical voting. Hold on to your seats...this could be a rough one!

  11. When the Council sells Cremorne Wharf off to Thames Water at a vastly inflated price - because it has granted itself planning permission to redevelop the whole site for foreign investor housing - there will be more than enough money in the reserves to pay for umpteen replacement Holland Park Opera canopies for many years to come, so the argument that the canopy won't last if it becomes a permanent structure is sadly irrelevant. This conforms to RBKC's famous "Betsy Campbell" world of economics .

  12. For those sad souls who do not want their walk in Holland Park spoiled by an opera tent, they can go walk in Kensington Gardens instead

    1. Friend of Holland Park29 December 2012 at 18:35

      The sad thing is that you can make such an idiotic suggestion. Grow up!

  13. longsufferingofficer31 December 2012 at 09:58

    If the Standards Committee simply allows errant councillors to get away scott free, what hope is there that the planning committee will go against the grain.


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