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Thursday, 20 December 2012


Setting an example....moral or otherwise... is something Pooter Cockell has never found easy. 

Whether flying Virgin Upper Class to pointless meetings in the US or splurging $400 on dinners with mystery guests or staying in luxury hotels, Cockell excels at living the high life 'on the tax.'

His Declaration of Interests informs us his only income is provided by hard pressed taxpayers, so it is us mugs who pay for his stylish and extravagant life!

Cockell has one rule for himself and one for others. 
When Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, warned local authorities they have a "moral duty" not to raise council tax Pooter was in there quick questioning Mr Pickles’s claims of “moral duty”

Pooter then talks about the responsibility councils have to protect the vulnerable. Is he talking about himself?After all he is reliant on the Council!!

Our very part time leader of K&C enjoys a luxurious life- courtesy off our backs. He actually manages to squeeze more from the taxpayer than the bloated Pickles….nearly £3,000 a week, plus his huge ex's

Senior staff and cabinet members are some of the highest paid in the land, yet RBK&C is the easiest of any council to manage. 

So rich is the Council, with over £170 million of our money in reserves, it has to find ways of getting rid of it-hence the £100 million follies of Holland Park School and Opera Holland Park. OHP has now cost taxpayers millions. But the real slap in the face to taxpayer is the £27 million oil stained Exhibitionist Rd and the £1 million pound Olympics party held in August.

What would the useless Pickles say about Pooter's recent largesse of £45,000 of taxpayer's money to help us all understand gay and lesbian issues in the Middle East?


  1. This person is disconnected from the reality of Britain today and he is a disgrace to the Conservative cause. A sponger of gigantic proportions

  2. The Dame is right to remind Kensington and Chelsea residents from time to time about the flawed nature of our political Leader. Unfortunately the Tory Councillors are too blind to notice - seduced to a poodle by their enticements such as sky high SRA's and the prospect of sky high SRA's. There are one or two exceptions such as Cllr Mills, Cllr Borwick and Cllt Freeman. And no doubt there are one or two others. But overall it is a very sad story.

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  4. It is time for RBK&C to send a clear message to Eric Pickles that it is cleaning up it's act at long last.

  5. An out of touch Leader who is intent on feathering his own nest. And getting more and more desperate by the day for the House Of Lords place that seems not to be coming.

    What is the future for our pathetic little grasper?

  6. Fly Swatter has left a new comment on your post "POOTER PONTIFICATES ON MORALITY!":

    What a thoroughly squalid little man this Pooter is

  7. Kensington Conservatives are a disgrace. Waste and pork barrel politics. There is no excuse for spending money as if there is no tommorow on things Ken Livingston would be proud of. The problem is the clique in charge are feathering their nests on such a scale they are loath to leave. Cameron should sack cockle, but what we need is an opposition to keep them honest.

  8. 22:16
    Good point. Labour do not oppose. They collude.


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