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Saturday, 8 December 2012


In the latest Chelsea Society newsletter Lady Denman, the widow of that redoubtable top civil servant, Sir Roy Denman, penned a thoughtful piece about how the Council seemed impotent in the face of developers and their obsessional maximisation of profits at the expense of communities.
Our highly paid(£130,000 plus pension) and invisible leader, Sir M Cockell was furious, accusing Lady   Denman of being 'political'. So what did Lady D write which caused Pooter to huff and puff so?
Well, it seemed she dared accuse the Council of doing nothing to prevent the closing down of Heinz Schumi's business in Britten Street.  It is an accusation based on good evidence. 
Pooter is Mr Schumi's ward councillor, as is also the quite useless and equally invisible, Paul Warrick. And it was Warrick who chaired the Planning Committee which presided over the demise of this delightful and popular local business!

The Dame's has noticed something in the air....residents are slowly beginning to rebel against indolent and ineffectual councillors. The days when you could stick a blue rosette on some pedophile candidate and he would get elected are thankfully drawing to a close......

Residents need to look at their councillor and drill down to see what they are doing for their often lucrative allowances. The next Council elections will be hard fought. UKIP are on a roll and will be fielding much higher quality candidates. They see RBK&C as a council they can make big inroads into.
Lazy and disinterested councillors, like Warrick, should look to the example of colleagues like Paget-Brown, Coleridge and Borwick.....they are always ready to support their residents.
Interestingly, Warrick, under the 'Ambition' section on the RBK&C website lists 'none'!
Anyway, The Dame diverges.....can she please have a copy of the Pooter letter? 



  1. I first saw Cllr Warwick "in action" when he ranted and raved at residents in Chelsea Town Hall who were opposed to some of the wilder plans for the Chelsea Academy. The usual consultation shambles of the Dictatorship was underway and Warwick had been sent along to a packed meeting to "listen". Instead this pencil thin wreck of a man stood up and not a person had the first clue who he was. He then announced that he was an important Cabinet Member of "The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea" (the poodles love the word Royal) and launched into a hysterical diatribe against protesters. So extreme were his screams and shouts that even screaming Cllr Lightfoot would have been upstaged. Unfortunately the dreadful Warwick sat down before he had a stroke. But he had to be helped from the meeting, a white and gasping scarecrow

  2. Warrick is a thrird rate little solicitor

    1. I don't think he is a solicitor.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. He claims to be

  3. Warrick is really not fit for purpose. Hateful little man....mind you he fits in well as a grubby Horton St poodle with his sense of self importance...This pathetic nob hooligan wouldnt know what the real world was if it hit him square in the face.

  4. Old Mother Hubbard12 December 2012 at 03:37

    "Fly Swatter" has written a very witty, but sadly true, comment.

    The Dame has added a picture of Warrick. He seems to have a gap between his front teeth.
    He would seem to have one between his ears too.

    Thanks 'Swatter'


    1. Are these councillors human? They look like humbots to me, a bit of human (feet to run away), the rest is robotic, particularly the brain. All compassion, dignity, rationality have been expunged.

  5. Tarka "the" Dhal13 December 2012 at 15:29

    I am afraid that I cannot comment on the ineptitude of our local concillors as I do not know them (although I am getting a rather good idea), but what I can say is well done to Lady Denman for standing up for small business when our supposed concillors sit by and do nothing. So much small business, including pubs etc... are being lost to greedy developers and what appears to be greedy concillors. I fear that what has made Chelsea and Kensington the borough that it is will soon be lost to "luxury flats", and in this case (ie. with regards Heinz's Salon)another "Fritzel cellar"!

  6. The sad truth about the Schumi Salon is that these so-called representatives of the people of RBKC are ripping away the income of at least 4 people who work at Schumi's, forcing the owner into unwelcome retirement/poverty. The councillors stand idly by whilst Rome is burning. How many other landlords will be gifted by the Planning Department? This is a travesty of justice, a dereliction of duty and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Keep writing to Pooter Cockell and his underling, Warrick about your views of reurning the community of Chelsea to its constituents under the "Localism Act. Give the Localism Act some teeth instead of a faint meow.

    1. Upon reflection and having seen much of the letters back and forth between council members and the Schumi Salon, I do not think there is any malicious intent on the part of the Planning Committee. Seriously, I do believe there was an initial misunderstanding on the part of the Councillors and this mistake has been repeated endlessly in letters as if it is the truth. The council keeps saying it is a matter between landlord and tenant although 4 barristers say it is not. A fresh look at the decision with a different Committee could be made. Mr. Schumi does not go quietly. He will continue to campaign to remain in his Salon. Sir Cockell must be a level headed person to have his job. He might reconsider.

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