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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Councillor Palmer replied to a resident who read the news in the Hornet's Nest about the upcoming resignations of two councillors....
Dear ......, Just so you know the web site you are quoting from used to have an( Palmer's grammar!) contact email address that could only be found in two places, one was on its own home page, the other place was as a point of access for pass codes(sic) to a paedophiles web site. When this was discovered, the police were called in and both web sites(sic) changed their details over night.(sic) The editors of the web site(sic) have never explained how that could happen or which editor was receiving the requests for access.
Councillor Palmer

If, as Cllr Palmer suggests the Dame's humble little site is as he says why on earth did the police not take action? 
Maybe the answer is that they thought, like thousands of others, Cllr Palmer was barking mad!

Could Cllr Palmer's obsession with paedophilia have something to do with his great friendships with convicted paedo, ex Cllr Lamont and ex Cllr Phelps whose interest in circulating images of young boys led, at the instigation of the Dame, to him being thrown off the Council.


  1. Palmer gives Conservatives a bad name: he's such an oaf

  2. A prat. Through and through.

    All residents are entitled to visit the public gallery at Council Meetings to see the back row idiot at play. And to listen to his irrational and juvenile screamings whenever he stands up to perform. Fellow Tories wilt with shame. Labour revel in his performances.

  3. Palmer is barking (mad). At this critical time the Tories need to dump the baggage

  4. Oh my goodness is he MAD?

  5. But will the Tories have enough candidates by next May? Will they even dare put up candidates in North Kensington?

  6. Now that's an interesting point. Quite possibly not. Who would stand? They'd have to be crazy.

  7. Now all the alleged do-gooders have to consider standing next year. And, Lord behold, they may get elected. Good thing or not, will be proven in their actions/inactions. But, certainly will be a much needed tsunami of change.


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