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Thursday, 7 September 2017


Here is a story that says much about what's so rotten in our country.
Freddy Vallender is a funny and brave four-year-old boy from Somerset. 

Sadly he has an extremely rare and life threatening heart condition- a cardiac tumour-5cm by 3.5- taking up much of his heart walls and filling 2/3rds of his ventricle.
The tumour causes dangerous heart arrhythmias making little Freddy's heart beat in excess of 200 beats per minute and potentially leading to sudden death or cardiac arrest.
It seems that no UK surgeon is capable of successfully undertaking this operation and the little boy will have to go to the Boston Children's Hospital which has an outstanding success record.

The family and friends are raising the £100,000 to pay for the treatment in the US but the real question is why on earth is the NHS not even able to make a contribution to the cost?

The Dame will be making a contribution and hopes her kind readers will do so also. LINK
It seems all sorts of fripperies are available on the NHS but saving the life of a little boy is not considered a sufficient 'frippery'.


  1. Who is the little boy's MP?

  2. Ian Liddell-Grainger MP 16 Northgate Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3EU 01278 458383

  3. We need a massive, hypothecated tax increase to support the NHS - or else at the very least the £350 million per week we were promised by the Brexiteers once we have left the EU.


  4. How much does gender change operation cost? How much does gender supressing hormone treatment for children costing NHS? Shouldn't they be put on hold to save for a vital treatment like this? After all, God makes no mistake. Shouldn't people find a way to cope with what's been dealt? Peasants have to cope with meager wages no matter how hard they work. The idea of 'you have a freewill to accumulate wealth' is an illusion. The system is rigged.

  5. The sooner someone takes the NHS in hand and stands up to the many consultants who earn a fortune and seem to do what they like. If we remember back to gerry Robinson (Granada) he cpuld get nowhere with his proposals because of opposition from consultants.

  6. Why indeed. I presume that isn't a serious question re the NHS. If it is, it's a bloody silly one.


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