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Monday, 18 September 2017


One of the problems facing the Council is the leadership vacuum and hit to morale. How on earth can anyone take seriously the current leadership? Informed sources say getting Cllr Pascall to understand complex issues is far from easy. He really should make an effort seeing as Chez Pascall is benefitting from an RBK&C income of £60,000 a year.
Hanging around

It seems that Mr. Siddiqui, the Council’s Highways boss, allows NSL who run the parking enforcement contract to do just what they want.
Residents complain that wardens are often seen gossiping in little groups and ignoring abuse of resident parking spaces

NSL’s management has told wardens not to bother too much about any transgressor who won’t deliver revenue.  In other words, NSL’s mission is to make as much money as they can. 

NSL Boss
Every NSL traffic warden(for that is what they are) wants to be posted to the area around Harrods.
Why? Well, it’s a bit like being a waiter or concierge: the ‘tips’ are good!

Residents report wardens blatantly allowing drivers to illegally park around Harrods turning a Nelsonian blind eye.

NSL Parking is owned by Marston Holdings who have an appalling reputation for ruthless debt collection.


  1. Dizzie Lizzie is no Leader. She is a social climbing Sloane who craves the limelight. The Tories have an urgent job to replace her. But not with Moylan who does not pass the Dame's sniff test.

    Pascall is pleasant enough. But he is dim. A minor rank employee for an architect's practice. Naylor-Naylor (or whatever the second Deputy is known as) is not even worth a mention.

  2. The whole thing is just too awful - one big bad bureaucracy and no one watching.

  3. Know your rights residents! Once your parking ticket fine debt has been sold to a debt collecting agency, your fine is void. Please research on this subject if you are prone to getting tickets.

  4. 19:29 You can't just leave it at that - tell us more!!

  5. Yes 19.29 how does this make the fine void.

  6. The whole shebang simply stinks. They are all wallowing in the bottomless stinking swamp. All suffering from acute depression and despair.
    Re: traffic wardens. More interested in revenue gathering and/or bribes than enforcing the law.

  7. One Stung Motorist19 September 2017 at 11:42

    Moylan's Exhibition Road is a nightmare. Half of it is Westminster and half of it is K&C. The residents parking spaces are not clearly marked in order to preserve the beauty of the £30 million of Chinese marble imported for the project.

    K&C residents park there at their peril. Tickets fly in and Parking Control wear down protests about unfair tickets with endless obfuscation.

  8. RBKC wardens have also been known to drive round late at night in their own cars and go to places where bays are suspended for rubbish paladins that are not occupying the full space and wait for someone to park partly in it sometimes back wheel just over at say midnight 1am then wait until car owner leaves car then write them a ticket.

  9. If you follow @saynotonuisance on twitter they report plenty of commerical vehicles builders, scaffolders, BT etc in Kensington parking illegally but the wardens appear tp penalise residents. Witnessed wardens being bunged usually by builders.

    They never ticket parents cars parking outside Faulkner house school though they block Old Brompton Road. Same with Dexters estate agents they are not ticketed even though they park on yellows on Old Brompton road.

  10. On my way to work this morning, at 08:30 I saw the leader of the Councillor Campbell in her trainers and long grey overcoat scampering along the Kings Road between Beaufort and Park Walk, looking like she had head in the clouds with a smirk.

    Then what a treat as I approached PJ's at 08:40 I saw Councillor Taylor-Smith with wet out of the shower combed back hair, sporting a beige tweed hacking jacket, sand coloured skinny jeans and taupe Chelsea boots, whilst being pulled along sneezing and spluttering by a teapot terrier!

    Honestly what a sight.

    Have they caught a cold or is Tuesday their day off, where were they going? surely both should be at their desks by 08:00.

    Maybe Pascal is steering the ship, oh no!

  11. Telling It Like It Is19 September 2017 at 22:12

    RBKC is an empty shell. There's nothing left. At Cockell's tri-borough moment, thinking middle-ranking officers wisely ran for the hills. Then came Grenfell. It will cost Lightfoot's £300 million and far more. No one now runs Hornton Street. It's the Marie Celeste, drifting crew-less across the waters to its doom. It's all about greed. Property and yet more greed.

  12. Tory Resident (Kensington)20 September 2017 at 08:27

    Much more than £300 million of council tax. In addition to all the £1 million flats that council tax payers are paying for to rehouse Grenfell Tower residents, plus the huge Service Charges for these luxury flats, council tax payers are also forking out to pay for the one year rent free period that has been granted to residents of the Lancaster West Estate.

    Bad things happen in life. And they can be terrible. But the solution should not include rapacious Tory Councillors abusing council tax.


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