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Thursday, 14 September 2017


This council and its residents need a period of stability. 
Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not the solution.
So what is the old Dame be getting at?
Danny Boys

Danny Boys, having been thwarted at every turn in his efforts to become leader, has been lurking in dark corners with Mrs Mills. 
No, they are not having amatory assignments....
So what could they be cuddling up to discuss?

Perhaps it all revolves around getting rid of councillors who know Moylan for what he is and replacing them with a crop of new and inexperienced councillors malleable and naive enough to support his fresh leadership bid. 
This nasty little stratagem requires the complicity of Cllr Mills, the association chairman. 
It is in the power of Mills to remove sane and sensible councillors who know and abhor Moylan. 
Those councillors must be supported and the Mills/Moylan plot scuppered. 
So what could Moylan have promised Mills?  The deputy leadership...nothing less!

Daniel Moylan is toxic....he holds residents, officers and fellow councillors in complete contempt. 
For this reason that no one has ever wanted to work with him.
RBK&C has no need at this sensitive time of a couple of conniving schemers.


  1. It seems Julie Mills that the old Dame has got your number.

  2. Tory Resident (Kensington)14 September 2017 at 15:40

    Nothing could be worse than the current "Leadership" of Dizzie plus two underwhelming Deputies. Dizzie is playing her own games and is playing with her mice. She has already promised eight of them two vacancies in the Cabinet. Not very sophisticated but then what can one expect of a social climber from the Isle of Whight?

    As we know the Dame does not like Cllr Moylan (the best leader that the Royal Borough never had). And it is pointless trying to change the old girl's mind. She is too far gone.

    But Mills as Leader and Moylan as Deputy is a different story. Mills demonstrated when she was Mayor that she has the common touch. She knows how to get folks behind her. And this is a vitally important gift in Grenfell times. Half of our residents have been routinely marginalised and exploited by recent Tory administrations - Mills could change all of that.

    Think about it.

    1. Don't forget that my mate Cllr Matt Spalding of Earls Court has his eye on the top job.

    2. Cllr Spalding is obviously not a friend of Portnoy. His name is Malcolm, not "Matt".

    3. Again out of touch. Tories have abused their power for decades - nobody trusts any of them.


  4. Goodness me. This is a terrible exposure of the Queens Ward Councillor. Maybe Mills plus Spalding as Deputy?

  5. If it is to be a May 2018 putsch, they need to be re-elected first.

  6. Just wait till the private prosecution's start . Then we will see who's left after many of the Councillors are jailed.

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