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Friday, 15 September 2017


Dear Dame

Through history, London has been a place of sanctuary for the 'global oppressed'. 

Even today we hear of affluent Americans looking to base themselves in London revulsed at the prospect of living under a Trump regime.

Dame, in your little blog I read Cllr Moylan might one day rule our Royal Borough. Immediately I conjured up contingency plans to protect residents against this dystopian nightmare. 

One option is to sell up and move out; another to campaign to amalgamate RBK&C with Westminster.

On three occasions Cllr Moylan has pitched himself as leader: each time he has failed. 
Therein lies the message......

I once advised Cllr Moylan to be less abrasive and aggressive in dealing with people. 
He was in total denial!
Self-awareness and humility are not one of this councillor's strengths.
His mantra, "we know best" is his undoing.

Our Council faces immense challenges in the years ahead. 
Whoever leads it needs to be inspirational and inclusive....sadly Daniel Moylan is none of these things.
He has no conception of the qualities required of leaders.

No doubt, in the coming months, Mr. Moylan will be 'working the room' assuring colleagues he has changed....don't believe him.
He is a clear and present danger to residents.


Justin Downes


  1. Correct...Moylan would bring this council into even greater disrespect....especially when journalists start to dig around....

  2. In ancient China, there was a saying: “If you want to know whether someone is wise, just look at their forehead; if you want to know about a person’s reputation, nobleness, wealth, blessings, and longevity, look at their eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and jaw.”

    Case closed.

  3. Mr Downes takes a deep and forensic interest in the affairs of Kensington and Chelsea. He has a track record for exposing bounders like Cockell, Phelps and Palmer. To the astonishment of some, who were bowled over by the idea of a mere resident exposing wrong doing in Hornton Street, he was ultimately proved right in his judgements.

    This warning about Cllr Moylan should be taken seriously and considered for what it says. Fellow Councillors, Officers and residents who have their own working experience of the ex Deputy Leader will have more detailed and actual experience to share.

    1. Downes also fingered Weale, Dizzie Campbell and Faulks. So far their fellow Tory Councillors have not woken up.

  4. Moylan is not perfect, but what are the alternatives? Labour? Dizzie Campbell?

    Think about it.

    For years the Hornton Street cockroaches have crawled around under cover of their stones. But all of this is about to be blown apart: there is a local election in May and just before this the Grenfell report will be published.

    Which Conservative Leader is going to handle this situation? Dizzie?????

    1. The Conservatives have some quality people who are not tainted by Grenfell and have the ability to rebuild the party in an inclusive way. Cllr Mills, for example, who demonstrated an ability to connect up with all residents during her Mayoral year. There are also some younger, but untested, Councillors who have demonstrated a concern for residents. Cllr Mackover, for example.

    2. The restructuring of the Tories in the Royal Borough needs to be done now. This will give a "new look" Party six months to build credibility with the electorate before the May local election.

      The alternative is for Dizzie to waddle forward in her hopeless way, furiously dressing up to dig her hole, and then a collective "oh shit" when the Grenfell Report is published in March. Just in time to remind the voters what a shower of shit the current Tory status quo is.

    3. They are all tainted , the Conservatives are deluding themselves if they think they will be the ruling party in RBKC .They are all culpable .

    4. Cllr Mackover sat on the Scrutiny Committee that ignored residents concerns of bullying and poor workmanship by TMO and Rydon. All current Tory and Labour Councillors are culpable and it is high time for Barry Quirke to take over the running of RBKC under "secial measures".

  5. I wholeheartedly support Mr Downes' efforts. Anonymous 10:45: the residents will have the opportunity in the next local elections to sort the chaff from the corn, so let's wait until May 2018 and see where they will put their money? Where their mouths or, their *rses may be...

    1. The Borough needs a Badger cull in Holland Park. Urgently.

  6. Justin Downes is having a George Osborne moment. He will not be happy until Moylan is "cut up and put in his freezer"

  7. I have no personal animosity towards Mr Moylan. I judge him simply as a local politician.
    I certainly don't want his carcass taking up space in my freezer......

  8. Moylan should be sent to a beautiful, uninhabited tropical island far, far, away from the rest of humanity. There he'll be free to bully the palm trees and demean the sea birds to his heart's content. He can admire himself from dawn till dusk, till hell freezes over. Amen.


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