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Monday, 21 July 2014


The Dame hears that the Council has just spent £150,000 on two 'works of arts' (the Dame uses the term advisedly) for the Kensington Academy and Leisure Centre.
Most of our councillors are devoid of any sense of taste so are easy prey for spiv art dealers and their clients trying to flog off their 'junk art'.
The Dame was told that they were considering to buy Miss Ermin's bed,however, they were not put off by the £2 million price tag; merely the thoughts that it might not wear well outside and might be used by vagrants for a quick kip.

Councillor's First Choice
This is a council which cannot provide a proper transport service for the weak and disabled yet massages its sense of self importance by wasting a fortune of our money on pseudo art.


  1. And no prizes for guessing who sit's at the Head of the Aldridge Academy Art's Steering Group.
    None other than ex-Labour Group Leader and Holland Park Opera lover, Councillor Judith Blakeman.
    The hypocrisy of the RBKC Labour Group is really sickening.

  2. RBKC Labour was supposed to have changed leadership and direction; to work for residents rather than continuing to live down to its dubious reputation. Blakeman proves yet again that she lacks a single redeeming quality. Her recent wailing over the plight of RBKC's disabled children was indeed just hypocrisy.

    1. Obviously 13:35 and 18:20 are not labour fans. So let's be clear about Councillor Blakeman, she has done more for inequality than those who have direct responsibility. With regard to 18:20 if you were the parent of a disabled child then you would not be making such a stupid comment. So Blakeman is head of a steering group and likes opera, so what's the big deal. At least she is doing something positive for the disabled children and has given a voice to vulnerable families that would without her intervention would have gone unheeded. The sooner people wake up and release this council does not give a flying fxxk about its most vulnerable, they don't even care about their own staff.

  3. Indeed, 10.03, and these two chumps haven't read the previous post that says precisely what the labour lot are doing.

  4. No one is trying to diminish the plight of RBKC's disabled children. The problem is Blakeman has been far too close to the Council for years. It's been an unedifying spectacle and some residents have long memories. We can only hope that under the new labour leadership she's at last altered course. It's high time.

    1. As far as the ruling party is concerned disabled children are a TRI Borough cost that needs to be cut. They do not have a voice and cannot stand up for themselves, and when parents try to fight their corner they are labelled as troublesome. Blakeman on the other hand has been a voice for these children and whether you love her or loathe her you've got to admit that in the past couple of months she has got the ruling party moving. Councillor Blakemans behavior may as you say have been an unedifying spectacle, but obviously not to those that elect her, judging by her results. As for residents with long memories you are absolutely right, that is why Councillor Blakeman keeps getting re-elected. So lets hope she doesn't alter her course or the most vulnerable will be well and truly screwed.

  5. 13.35: I am not the Head of the Aldridge's Art Steering Group - all the ward councillors from Notting Dale and Norland are members of this steering group. And this is the group you wanted to join!

    Cllr. JB

  6. How ironic that this disaster is being debated in the light of the Council's commitment to spend £2.6m on embellishing Leighton House. They will squeeze the budget by a measly £300k for disabled children, causing untold harm and upset, possibly breaking rules and laws left, right and centre, but God forbid they cut their Arts budget ...

    Decision Title: Leighton House Phase Three Development
    Decision Number: 04323/14/K/A
    Decision Rating: **
    Decision Details: To proceed with a major bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for £1.9m towards a total cost of £4.5m to complete the development work to Leighton House.

  7. They don't give a damn about disabled children. It will be publicly demonstrated again by the lack of tories tomorrow night for Cllr Blakeman's motion to 'start again properly'. They are a disgrace, where is their so called Leader? His silence has been deafening.


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