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Friday, 18 July 2014


Anyone who has the slightest interest in the Special Educational Needs Transport debacle should attend this vital meeting on Thursday, 24 July @ 6.00pm.
This should not be about 'local politics' but about providing the sort of quality service that RBKC was noted for.

The Council Chamber 
Kensington Town Hall 
Contact: Mr M Carver 
Tel: 020 7361 2477 

 Public Agenda 

Pursuant to Standing Order 6.02, Cllrs. Blakeman, Mason, Powell, Littler and Dent Coad request an extraordinary meeting to discuss the following motion: 



“The Council recognises that the tri-borough SEN Transport Service procured by WCC is not fit for purpose and cannot be remedied under the existing arrangements in time for the new school term in September. 
It there resolves to invite the Cabinet to work with representatives of the previous contractor, and the operator whose bid was rejected on the grounds of price, to provide an interim service in K&C; and, at the same time, to prepare a tender specification to commission a new SEN transport solely for RBK&C.” 

Moved by: Cllr Blakeman 
Seconded by: Cllr Lasharie 


  1. Labour is finally doing the job of opposition, and Blakeman - freed of Leadership responsibilities - is leading the challenge against this devil's contract. How times change.

    Still the Cabinet don't 'get' it. They don't understand why Labour is being 'difficult'. And they have no idea how to counter it.

  2. Do they really think this is all about political power plays? There are vulnerable young children and adults' safety and well-being at stake. This is a national disgrace.

  3. Its not just Labour that are seen as difficult, its parents, teachers and employees of the companies who are seen as difficult because they are not singing the party tune. What level of evidence do they need, they have failed in their duty of care to these children and families. The evidence presented at the latest scrutiny committee leaves them nowhere to run or hide the public now know how cruel,incompetent and uncaring they really are.

    1. Oh but this is all about 'efficiencies', didn't you know? Evidently it's more EFFICIENT to endanger the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable residents.

      How utterly sickening.

  4. A little intelligence gathering from the Dear Dames site would help them choose what really needs to be cut, Holland Park Opera, the loan to strapped for cash Conran are but two. Campbell bleats as do the rest of the tories, that they are protecting frontline services, like hell they are they are demonising vulnerable people, and slashing the hell out of services. A rebellion is needed sincerely hope that residents show their support for disabled children and their families on the 24th.

  5. But didn't you know it is all a plot by Hammersmith and Fulham newly elected labour councillors to make trouble in the Rotten Borough? Nothing wrong with the service at all - a few minor teething problems and look at the money it has saved.

    In the meantime the parents are too scared to say anything.

  6. On all the evidence (and see Private Eye) it seems that this new service is inadequate. If cheaper ('saving money') means the service doesn't work then it is too expensive.

  7. Not only has this been a mess, Councillors have been lied to, Campbell is incompetent Councillors not part of the scrutiny committee have trusted her and their scrutiny colleagues to tell the truth...a huge error of judgement. What happened tonight was a utterly disgraceful. They have literally hung disabled children and their parents out to dry with their cavalier, without accountability, have a go methodology. Christie was a smug twit smirking his way through the meeting. And Professor Sir Anthony Coates... hang your head in shame you are a disgrace.

  8. The most disgusting comments on this debate tonight came from Cllr. Sir Anthony Coates - he was quite despicable.

  9. Well done new Tory Councillor Allison for having the guts to abstain - but then she is not quite the typical Tory. All Tory councillors who are parents of children with special needs were absent tonight - for very obvious reasons - they would have been appalled at what the Tories did tonight.


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