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Thursday, 3 July 2014


The Dame must declare an interest...
At heart, the old thing is one of that now, long dead breed, of Tory who don't believe life should be motivated by pure self interest-hence her robust attitude towards Cllrs Cockell and Moylan and their £120k plus allowances.

Readers with an interest in the vulnerable will have been following Cllr Blakeman's single handed crusade to do the right thing by the vulnerable of the Borough.
It has been an example of how effective a councillor can be in holding officers to account.

Perhaps, the Council buffoon, Cllr Palmer, might wish to incorporate Blakeman's work as a case study in his CouncilSkills training course....oh, but the Dame forgets: it went belly up!

Dear Mr. Christie

I will be drafting questions about the SEN report to the next scrutiny committee meeting as requested by the Chairman. However, I would be grateful if you can clarify in advance the following issues for me:

Much is made of the problems with the TUPE arrangements between the former and the current contractors. However, we are also told that the majority of staff working to the new operators are self-employed. If this is the case, this suggests either that the TUPE arrangements were not properly put into place, which is unlawful, or that the contracts of employment of the transferred staff were then terminated early.

Are you able, therefore, to let us have details on a contractor by contractor basis of the number of staff directly employed by each of them and the number of self-employed persons working to each contractor?

I know you have given an undertaking on behalf of Tri-borough that every child is covered by insurance in the event of any untoward incident – but in view of concerns being expressed by  a number of parents, can you please also formally set out the insurance position.

Can you confirm that each contracting company is fully and properly insured and can you, for the avoidance of doubt, let us have sight of that page of each company’s insurance policy that provides full cover for any inadvertent activity of all the self-employed staff that they are using?

Many thanks.

Cllr. Judith Blakeman


  1. Dear Dame - a slightly ironic comment from you, given that Cllr Palmer's seriously disabled daughter was one of the victims of this terrible contract. He has stayed very quiet about that, however.

  2. Cllr Blakeman is completely right to hold these ex Hammersmith thugs to account. They have sacrificed the wellbeing of very disabled children to save what?

  3. Amazing how much of Cllr Blakemans questions look as if they have been lifted of the Hornet - it was as if Blakeman and the Hornet was the same person.......

    1. Matthew, Hornet has lifted my questions - but glad you like them.


    2. Don't be ridiculous Matthew, maybe you should have asked some questions?

  4. Man bites dog!
    High time the pathetic Labour Opposition did their job and held these monsters to account.

  5. As 13.28 states, after her long years of cozying up to the Conservatives, Cllr Blakeman belatedly remembers she's the leader of the political opposition in RBKC. We desperately need a vigorous Labour group to loudly and continuously criticise Tory failings, as happens in Westminster.

  6. 13.36, Dent Coad is Leader of the Labour Group now, Blakeman is Chief Whip. Do keep up!

  7. 14:01 "Do keep up!"
    A change of Leadership in the Opposition and no-one noticed- Just about says it all about the pathetic and totally irrelevant RBKC Labour Group.
    It is high time that Labour voters in the Rotten Borough are given some robust representation and that the unsavoury days of Blakeman's colluding with and toadying up to the Tory monsters in Hornton St are consigned to the past.

  8. It's incredible how people ignore the actual topic, the treatment of disabled children and elderly people, that's the topic not Judith Blakeman, she is one of a few people actually doing something about this disaster. The rest are too busy bouncing the responsibility to each other and racking up the costs of this service.

  9. Regardless of one's political views, it's excellent news that Cllr Dent Coad is now chair of the Labour group. Let us hope that the opposition will at last hold the Conservatives to account. It's about time.


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