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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


When a sinister Malaysian gambling organisation(thank you, sharp eyed reader) is in 'pre planning talks' with the Rotten Borough you won't lose money betting that residents will lose their shirt.
And so it will be for residents with the misfortune to live anywhere close to the Holiday Inn on Cromwell Rd.
And when the same Malaysian 'organisation' tell you that it's going to 'consult' with you know you are going to get a real shafting.

Last Monday, nearby neighbours of the Holiday Inn, were summoned to a meeting there. 
They were told a vast new casino was planned and it would gobble up the last bit
of green between the hotel and Cromwell Rd.

So how can residents protect themselves from a council which doesn't give a damn about residents and giant gambling outfits like Genting who care only for gambling profits?
Tough one...
At the last election a trio of brave men...Andrew Barshall,Ian Henderson and Heinz Schumi, stood against the incumbent Conservative councillors: their purpose? To stand up for residents against big and powerful foreign combines like Genting.
If residents want to protect themselves they need to follow that example and back independent candidates.
One campaigning resident has written to the Dame demolishing Genting's ludicrous claim that they are 'improving the area'.
This is what she says....

  • A new building not at all in keeping with the buildings               on the other side of Ashburn Gardens in style.
  • A new building that as proposed will gobble up the             small remaining area of garden/green space between the hotel and the Cromwell Road;
  • And a new building that entirely covers the only wide open area of the Cromwell Road between Earls Court Road and the Natural History Museum, and which acts as a ‘lung’ in relation to the fumes of the heavy rush-hour traffic along the Cromwell Road
  • Further cladding round the east and south sides of the hotel at ground and ‘commercial’ (ie much higher than residential) first floors which very closely seems to resemble the type of cladding covering large warehouses  -  ie industrial sheds.
  • Proposed entrances both to be on the Cromwell Road, a Red Route.
  • A cafĂ© terrace, proposed by the landscape gardener, on the south west side leading directly from the hotel  -  lovely for the residents of Ashburn Gardens and Courtfield Road who will thereby directly benefit from noise until all hours of the night.
  • Valet parking which will use up estimated 20 spare spaces in the car park underneath the hotel and which will thereafter spill over into further ‘public parking’ only described in the vaguest terms and which will not apparently entail parking on any of the surrounding streets.

Local residents say there are enough gambling joints in the Borough...
There's one at Gloucester Millenium Hotel, diagonally opposite the Holiday Inn. 
Another in Palace Gate, further up the Gloucester Road (Maxim’s also operated by Genting) and one in the Royal Garden Hotel on Kensington Road.
Two more suck in punters in Bayswater and yet another in the ParkTower,Knightsbridge. 


  1. Gambling makes money. This is the tradition of London. Boring residents should stop moaning or move to the country

    1. So does prostitution and organised crime. Don't be an a****hole

    2. Exactly so. It is what cities are about. Shove off if you do not fit in

    3. You are clearly the imbecilic Matthew Palmer

    4. Perhaps the 'boring residents' should move to the idyllic countryside of Guildford where their interests will be protected by Conservative planning Councillor Nick Sutcliffe. In what would appear to be a massive conflict of interest, this director of 'Hard Hat' has been paid by Genting to get them through the Rotten Borough's planning process. Although Sutcliffe protects his Guildford residents from contentious developments, this NIMBY is quite happy to take money from Genting to support gambling in RBK&C. Looks like he's also happy to support tracking in Lancashire too (I'm guessing that's not the sort of countryside you're suggesting 'boring residents' move to?)

    5. *fracking

  2. The time is rapidly approaching when the Rotten Borough will be declared unfit for human habitation. Those who voted Conservative in the last local election only have themselves to blame.

    1. The problem is that the relevant Tory Councillors will claim innocence or impotence forever more.

      "It's not our fault" they'll cry, "we are powerless to act". Even when it's blatantly not true.

      And if they're Warrick Lightfoot you label the resident's comments as "asinine" while they're at it.

  3. Long live Conservative common sense. Cromwell Road casino a welcome addition the Borough. Holiday Inn is a reputable operator

    1. Are you dumb? Holiday Inn are not the operator....Genting are.

  4. Personally I don't want any more casinos etc in the Borough but I would point out that whilst Genting does operate in the United States-they are in fact a Malaysian company

  5. The Dame strongly disapproves of the Malaysian Government which through electoral trickery has been in power for decades and is highly discriminatory.
    Funny, that the State religion is Islam, yet it encourages gambling

  6. Malaysian interests will not be a suitable casino operator. It will rapidly turn into a Malaysian money laundering operation.

  7. The whole of central London is already a vast money laundering operation, aided and abetted by central and local government. Meanwhile ordinary UK residents must produce a passport etc before opening a post office savings account. It's sick.

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