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Friday, 4 July 2014


Our MP, Sir Malc Rifkind must be getting deeply embarrassed.


On a daily basis his close cousin, 'Lordy' Leon Brittan, is the subject of scurrilous(?) media coverage over a missing report on a paedophilia ring once operating at the highest levels of British political society.

Here is a picture of the grotesque, frog like Brittan. 
In fact, so frog like, Splitting Images portrayed him here Leon Brittan, with Cousin Rifkind as a singing frog

Lawyer Malc now needs to give some legal advice to Cousin Leon.
Malc has particular expertise in this area, being chairman of the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, which vets what the public can, or cannot see.
Maybe Leon thought the dossier was far too disgusting for us to see?

Today, trouble making Norman Tebbit came out saying Leon needs to come clean about the missing dossier handed to him, whilst Home Secretary, by the late Geoffrey Dickins.

The unsavoury rumours connecting senior Conservative politicians with cover up's need to quashed.....once and for all!


  1. CLLR SIR MERRICK COCKELL4 July 2014 at 12:43

    Would ex cllrs Lamont and Filthy Phelps be able to assist.......

  2. Does anyone know Brittan's profession while he still lived in the real world? I was under the impression he was a QC. Perhaps not, but no one can simply "forget" the existence of such a file.

    1. Yes, you are correct he was a QC

  3. Thank you 13.43. QCs never forget. Memory is at the core of their profession.

    This is a matter of the utmost gravity.

  4. News clips of Brittain saying that "he forgot" was a man looking guilty and shifty as hell. He obviously knows more. The names in a dossier like that , false or not, would not be forgotten. He is obviously hiding something.

    Just like Pooter Cockle who "forgot" who he entertained to dinner at the Four Seasons in New York on a Saturday night. K&C taxpayers paid for both dinners. Cockle has refused to own up and return the money.

    1. It was not only dinner. Taxpayers paid for the weekend in Five Star Hotel accommodation as well for Cllr Cockell while he was moonlighting at the end of a three day conference in New York. Well earned "rest and recreation".

    2. Town Clerk, Sir Derek Myers, turned a blind eye to the expense claims and authorised payment.

  5. Fly On The Wall4 July 2014 at 17:27

    There were some big names in the dossier - including a Tory Cabinet Minister who is still alive. Old now - but still with a roving eye.....

    1. Is this the ex Minister who recently fell over in public?

  6. There were 8 names in the dossier which included Cyril Smith. The information was dismissed as scurrilous and unreliable. We now know that in the case of Cyril Smith at least, the information was not so scurrilous and unreliable. Two of the other names were big beasts. Lord Brittan knows who they are. The authors wife was so terrified of the contents that she destroyed the file after Geoffrey Dickens death. In the 1980s it was easy to brush these things under the carpet.

  7. The scale of this scandal grows daily. So it will be interesting to see if Hornton Street is implicated, particularly in the light of recent history.


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