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Sunday, 16 March 2014


There are literally thousands of ordinary people living in the Royal Borough with a home valued between £2 million to £4 million. 

These are not hedge fund titans, but rather mundane couples earning quite unspectacular salaries and using much of that to service a mortgage.
If Vince Cable gets his way these very ordinary people will be forced to sell up and move out of the Borough.
As we know Vince is an economist and proof of his skills are his blundering attempt to justify giving away Royal Mail-now twice the flotation price! 
The other day he even had the temerity and stupidity to suggest this about bankers...
'Bankers are not motivated by money and just want to be highly valued members of their company'
Terrifying to think this buffoon is in charge of UK business. 
You may not like George Osborne but you can sympathise when he turned down a weekend with Mr and Mrs Cable....

Cable has a solution for the elderly, income poor: take in a lodger!

Nick Paget-Brown wrote a quite prescient PIECE some time ago forecasting what might happen if the Dancing Economist pushed through his daft tax. 
Paget-Brown speculated that many owning homes in the £2 million to £4 million band would be forced to sell and their properties picked up, on a fire sale basis, by yet more dodgy foreign buyers who look upon a mansion tax as just a cheap way of laundering ill gotten gains.  
We have three Lib Dem councillors on the Council and they are useless as Cable. 
They even had the nerve to suggest that their leader be given a leader's allowance. As Barry Phelps would say, 
"you could not make it up"
Hopefully, they will get booted out in May.



  1. Like Gordon Brown who sold off our gold at giveaway prices Vince Cable sells off another asset on the cheap. What a couple of idiots....

  2. It is not only couples on modest salaries who will suffer. It is the masses of pensioners who are still alive and living in family homes and they are already spending at the limit. No possibility to find more money for a mansion tax. These are frail people who fought the war, saved hard, raised their families and have been outstanding citizens. Without the power to fight back because they are old and frail. Just the sort of people who need to be kicked in the teeth........

    Cable is not the sort of politician we want.

  3. The pox on Cable. He is playing to the masses and using envy to grab a headline or two. Not a nice person. A good example of the gutter politician.

  4. Why do they always seem to pick on honest , hardworking people , who play by the rules, only for the rules to be changed - what a slap in the face.

    1. It is the behaviour of bullies and despots throughout the ages. Go for the weak, the vulnerable, the minorities.

    2. If the exchequer is so desperate for cash why not just go for a wind fall tax on those who were instrumental in causing the financial crisis in the first place. These people have got off very lightly indeed; maybe as they know friends in high places; the City of London and it's bankers; apologies for re-treading a well worn path but...

  5. Council tax bands should go on up to Z. Those owning £100 million houses would then have to pay their fair share. Unfortunately this would require revaluing every house in England and Wales - far too unpopular and expensive.

    The Crimea situation may affect K & C property prices. Once certain oligarchs have their assets frozen and visas withdrawn, their colleagues will seek to protect their assets by withdrawing their own funds and selling properties. London will suddenly be less attractive. Comparatively few forced sales will reduce the value of mega homes. All bubbles burst.

    And there's always Dubai.

  6. As someone who lives in the Twickenham constituency I will be doing my best to see that Cable is unseated. As a constituency MP he displays the arrogance of Pooter, Warwick and DannyBoys all rolled in to one. I do wonder how he was elected in the first place.

  7. He can't possibly be worse than Rifkind.


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