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Saturday, 15 March 2014


War has broken out between mad Cllr Palmer and Pooter Cockell.

Pooter burst into tears on hearing he would no longer be able to force his way on to the free council pension scheme.
This is what the booby, Cockell had to say in reaction to the announcement:

‘This is a kick in the teeth for those who have dedicated their life to public service (and sponging off the taxpayer) and undermines government’s commitment to give local people greater responsibility for the running of vital local services

Cllr Palmer disagrees and has used it to attack his old master. 
Palmer forwarded to the Dame his sneering response to the plight of hard up Pooter.(Matthew, can you please use the private email address in future)

From: "" <> 
Sent: Thursday, 13 March 2014, 18:03
Subject: RE: Consultation on taxpayer-funded pensions for Councillors

For a long time there has been concerned about the rise in the number of professional politicians in local government who seem more keen on clambering aboard the gravy train than doing their civic duty and what’s best for taxpayers.(does he mean Pooter and Danny Boys Moylan?)
A symbol of the rise of professional politicians has been the increasing number of councillors who sign themselves up to the very generous Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). Well, today it was announced that taxpayers will be paying for councillors to join the LGPS no more as they are to be barred from being members of the scheme.
This announcement, on the day that Communities and Local Government Secretary, Eric Pickles, also announced the local government funding settlement for England, is a welcome one that reverses a decision to allow local politicians onto the LGPS made just over ten years ago.
In fact, those who introduced that change evidently felt uneasy about it, since it was announced on September 12th 2001 – the “good day to bury bad news”, as special adviser Jo Moore infamously wrote.
After all, councillors already get allowances and the idea that they should then take a pension as well goes against the grain for those who view being a councillor as a civic duty. It also didn’t send a signal that councillors were serious about tackling the huge deficits in the overly generous LGPS when they were merrily jumping on board the scheme.


  1. Never mind Pooter, theres' always Social Housing that can give you safe and secure home in your dotage, oooops it'll all be gone. Thanks to you and your Cronies supporting Property Developers instead of your doing you civic duty and standing up for your constituents.

  2. Pooter in a Pickle ( ERIC)

  3. How bizarre that Palmer of all people feels secure enough to pronounce publicly on this issue?

    Is that photo really him checking his shares during a Council meeting again? Evidently he doesn't listen to anyone, and doesn't care what he's told - the original loose cannon. It will end in tears!

  4. Surely time for Moylan to demand that Inspector Clouseau is sacked as his running mate in May. And how very sad to see the Inspector still checking his shares, during the very important Council Tax setting Budget meeting. It makes his fears for the Council Tax payer sound like true crocodile tears. As the inheritor of a massive Trust Fund, Clouseau, unlike many of his colleagues, does not have to worry were his pension will come from.

  5. To think that Palmer used to be Cockell's Golden Boy! Talk about biting the hand that feeds it!

    The slight against Moylan is also very clear and will do nothing to improve relations between them, which is already rock bottom.

  6. You may recall the dear Peterborough City Council leader El Duce Marco Cereste whilst racking up eyewatering Peterborough Blue Sky Ltd. (still don't know what it does...accounts hidden from public gaze ) bespoke exhibition stand expenses attending a Local Government Association jolly (Mega expensive Trade Association/Lobbyists for some council chiefs, we all pay for it...) became very chummy over the Asti Spumante chinking national and foreign honours (You may recall Marco picked up a star of Italy star shaped Italian gong (created by Mussoni ) for expats... with Sir 'Pooter' Cockell (who recently lost his RBK&C Leader of Council position ..... ) and the dear leader wanted to do a secret deal to take RBK&C's North Kensington train load of social housing tenants ( so they could tart up the vacated Georgian terraces for Russian Millionaires...) to burden our own dysfunctional debt laden NHS, Adult and Childrens Services.

  7. This is an amazing day for the Royal Borough. Sensible words from the mouth of Cllr Palmer. What on earth is going on? Has the imbecile been groped?


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