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Thursday, 13 March 2014


Pooter Cockell is hopping mad with the very sensible government minister, Brandon Lewis. 
Brandon decided to stop Pooter and pals leaching off the taxpayer by grabbing council pensions.
Pooter whined:
‘This is a kick in the teeth for those who have dedicated their life to public service (and living off the taxpayer) and undermines government’s commitment to give local people greater responsibility for the running of vital local services.
You can read (if you can stomach it) his greedy whining here

What Pooter lacks in education he makes up for in greedy guile,but does he really think we are stupid enough to believe that he has any other interest than self interest? 
Pooter strong armed colleagues into giving him his £75,000 leader's allowance saying it was a full time job. 
He then quickly started getting himself other little sinecures, such as the Audit Commission and London Councils.
In no time at all he had nearly doubled his allowance!
Cockell is a greedy disgrace to local government.

If Pooter gets kicked off the Council in May his taxpayer income will have fallen from a high point of £130,000 a year to nil.
This is why he is so desperate to get to the Lords: he really needs the money:the fellow is quite unemployable!


  1. Poor Pooter - he might even have to get a job

  2. No he doesn't stand a chance.

  3. How about chauffeuring the Mayoral Bentley seeing as it was he, against 100% of the wishes of Conservative group, who forced it through.
    I can just see him in a smart light blue suit and he gets to ride around in it.....


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