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Monday, 31 March 2014


Royal Hospital ward residents have sent the Dame a cheap and desperate scrap of paper pumping up the ward work of two councillors, Emma Will and Elizabeth Campbell.
Their claims to have saved the Phene and prevented mega basements have caused much mirth.....

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But what interested the Dame was the way Ian Donaldson, a dedicated councillor, with over twenty four years service to residents, was unceremoniously dumped to allow a very mysterious Louisiana lawyer and oilman to carpet bag his way in.
The Dame has written about RINKER and it's clear that this social climber has plans to launch himself into Society....
But cynics are pondering two things:

  • will they ever see him seeing as most of his jobs are in Louisiana
  • how much did he give to Conservative Association funds to persuade Cllr Ahern to knife Donaldson.
Emma Will actually does good work, but Elizabeth Campbell is perceived to be a light as a feather. 
The poor sad thing loves to posture as a latter day Margaret Thatcher causing much giggling amongst colleagues and officers....


  1. The Dame gave us early warning that Norman Scott's pup Rinker was looking for a sinecure with the Tories in K&C so that it can further its ambitions. The train seems to be leaving the station

  2. In my view this utterly defies belief. There many local people who would love to serve the community and here is yet another example of poor judgment on behalf of Hornton Street. I have never seriously considered voting for another party; I have remained loyal to the Tories but enough is enough. I am not the only one who is either thinking about voting for a credible alternative, i.e. Independent, UKIP or just spoil the voting paper.

    1. Whats wrong with the pup?

  3. Ahern invariably tries to give the impression of absent minded beneficence. As is always the case in the Rotten Borough, reality is another matter.

    As for this Rinker person, if he hails from Louisiana, one might assume he's not a British citizen. So is this individual legally qualified to stand?

  4. Cllr Donaldson worked as a dedicated ward member particularly highlighting all the defects on roads and pavements including utility company trenches


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