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Thursday, 13 March 2014


The Dame hears that the normally highly reclusive Pooter Cockell has turned over a new leaf and is desperate to convince residents that he wants to hear their views.
Cynics might wonder whether there could be a connection between the following events....
  • an upcoming election in May
  • three candidates determined to kick him in the goolies
Unless you are terribly grand Pooter would be invisible to residents so the Dame has put together some questions for Stanley residents.

The questions will be useful as icebreakers so you can build a rapport with the absentee Cllr Cockell.

Pooter loves grand motor cars so you could start on this....

  • you denied ever having used the Mayor's Bentley, then, when pressed admitted  you had. Is that not called lying?
  • why did you charge the council $185 for a dinner for two and refuse to identify your guest?
  • Eric Pickles has said you should not be double or triple jobbing so why, in addition to the £75,000 you got as leader did you carry on in that job whilst collecting another c £54,000 a year as chairman of LGA?
  • On your three day BT marketing trip to New York you stayed at the Sofitel for another two days at a cost of $395 a night.Why did you charge this to taxpayers?
  • Mr Gove instructed that no secondary school cost more than £33 million and should add places. Holland Park School cost £100 million and added not one extra place:did you get special permission to waste all this money?
  • On another of your trips you and the disgraced Ian Clement splurged $270 on a steaks and crab cakes at world famous Keens Steakhouse. Why should we pay for your gluttony?
  • Did you enjoy your three day stay at Boston's luxurious Bryant Hotel? And was the marble bath worth the £1700 it costs us taxpayers?
  • We know you are a terribly important chap, but did you really need a limo at $126 to take you from Kennedy to Downtown. I normally take the subway for a couple of dollars.
  • Are you cross that the Government stopped your pension?
The Dame will be adding to the list over the next few days....


  1. Wow;I knew that Sir Merrick enjoyed spending other peoples money but not to this extent. Clearly, even by Tory standards he is totally and utterly unfit to stand as the Conservative Candidate in Stanley Ward. A potential thorny and highly embarrasing situation but as leader of RBK&C it is over to N P-B.

  2. BARRY PHELPS ESQ13 March 2014 at 20:00

    I just hope that the residents of Stanley Ward, particularly those on Sutton, Lewis and Pond Place don't get to read about the de luxe life 'Sir Pooter enjoyed on the back of their taxes.
    Dame, please stop causing trouble. You ruined my political career.

    1. The residents of Stanley Ward eyes are on The Nest - we have been hoodwinked too long by these Charlatans

  3. Absolutely flabbergasting how thick skinned Sir Merrick is and how foolish and gullible the residents of RBK&C are for tolerating this poor behaviour.

  4. Pooter is a disgrace. Let's hope the principled souls from Chelsea Independent can get rid of this menace.

  5. This man has had more holidays than Judith Chalmers - while he's off , who looking after the residents interests' , he supposedly represents

  6. This is like something out of Charles Dickens - there is a lot of Child poverty in the Borough . Mr Bumble swans round in the roller , while the children can only look on .

  7. Why are we not asking the question... Why are his peers.. those in The Conservative Party allowing this to happen.. they are as responsible as he is . They are treating their voters and supporters with contempt. My wife treats my old socks better than this !

  8. £1700 Quid for The Bryant Hotel with a Marble Bath - thats' the monthly salary of one of the Council workers at The Baths on Flood Street.

  9. Once again the Dame "nails it". The challengers in Stanley Ward now have all they need to get rid of this menace


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