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Thursday, 5 December 2013


The Dame encourages all those lucky enough not to need their Winter Fuel Allowance to donate to this highly effective charity. 
The Dame was reading up on the work of the Foundation and was stunned to realise that not everybody is as fortunate as her. 
Though the Royal Borough may be a place of huge wealth, with hedge funders able to burrow deep into the earth's surface, the story is very different up north. 
North of the Borough many residents struggle, on a daily basis, to keep warm.  

This is what local charity, the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation has to say.....

"£200 is significant for all of us, but for our most vulnerable neighbours it can be life changing. 
As another harsh winter approaches, the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation is asking those in a position to do so to pass some or all of their Winter Fuel Payment into a fund for those less fortunate - or to make a general contribution to the campaign."
The charity came out with these startlingly sad stats:
  • There were 40 deaths in Kensington & Chelsea last winter linked to cold-related illness 
  • 62% of Kensington & Chelsea residents over the age of 65 live alone 
  • 60% of households in the Borough live in fuel poverty
With recent announcements on fuel price increases, the situation is only going to become more challenging this winter.
The Foundation addresses these issues head on by working through referrals from partners such as Age UK Kensington & Chelsea to pay the fuel bills of our most vulnerable local neighbours.
To support the Winter Warmth Campaign and transform local lives, please call 020 7 2295499    or email

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  1. Great that the Dame is supporting this.


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