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Monday, 2 December 2013


When the Dame read the story of the Italian lady, sectioned under the Mental Health Act and forced to endure a Caesarean section, she thought she was reading about an assault on personal liberty so commonplace in human rights abusing regimes like China: the country our Prime Minister and the laughing stock Mayor of London like to suck up to. 
She was unfair to China. 
It was, in fact, carried out by that cesspit of corruption, Essex County Council.
This was the council which allowed its criminal leader, 'Lord' Hanningfield to steal tens of thousands of pounds from residents so he and his partner could go on luxurious jaunts around the world.
His Chief Executive, Joanna Killian, whose own expenses required scrutiny, should have been fired for allowing the pig farmer, Hanningfield, to keep his snout in the trough for so long. 
Even now there is no way of keeping Hanningfield out of the Lords. 
When in session he attends daily to collect his £300 a day, tax free allowance.
You may ask what the connection between Hanningfield and the appalling case of this Italian lady, forced to endure such cruelty and have her baby taken from her. 

The answer is not complex. 
Councillors so venal as to allow the criminal Hanningfied such latitude for his criminality are putty in the hands of equally unsavoury officers. 

The Dame will be sending some stern emails to the pathetic successor to the crook Hanningfield, Cllr David Finch. 
His email is and if you want to give him a tinkle his mobile is 07834 252 070. 
He will not be happy to hear from you.....but don't let that stop you. 
He needs to be told a few home truths.

"Pregnant women who have been deported but are forced to leave their babies in Britain is becoming an ‘increasing problem’, an influential MP has said, after it emerged that an Italian national was forced into a caesarean section by social workers
The Italian woman, who was made to leave her baby in Britain, had travelled to the country for a two-week Ryanair training course at Stansted when she was sectioned under the mental health act and told she must stay in hospital.
Essex social services then obtained a High Court order against the woman, allowing her to be forcibly sedated and the child to be taken from her womb.
John Hemming, MP for Birmingham Yardley and chairman of the Public Family Law Reform Coordinating Campaign, which wants reform and greater openness in court proceedings involving family matters, said there were many other instances of children taken from mothers in Britain, who are then deported.
He referred to the case of a mother whose child, now five-years-old, was born in Sweden, but was taken into the care of a local authority in Britain after her mother was involved in an incident at Heathrow airport"


  1. This is corrupt Conservative run council....another reason to vote UKIP

    1. Nikki Sinclaire - How did He / She / It become an MEP ?

    2. How about 'officially sponsored' corruption by Cameron

  2. Power corrupts.

  3. Outrageous! This smacks of fascism. Women and their children are entitled to compassion. What about their human rights?

    Perhaps the mother in this case is unable to care for her child; but perhaps her wider family in Italy may have been able to give the baby a good home. At the very least the authorities should have sought a solution that provides the best hope for the child's future happiness. This in turn may help the mother. Utterly appalling.


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