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Saturday, 7 December 2013


The Dame is hearing of rumblings of discontent from residents and association members upset by the infliction of  'mad, bad and dangerous to know' Matthew Palmer upon them.

They are beginning to compare this strange fellow with Fiona Buxton. 
Fiona is not well and everybody wishes her a fast recovery.
Fiona is the paragon of what every councillor should aspire to be..... intelligent, warm, and highly capable.

Palmer, on the other hand, is as mad as a cut snake. 
Even the Mayor had to close him down at the last Council meeting. 

It seems so sad that a bright star in the council firmament has been replaced by the clod, Palmer.....and all on the results of a toss of a coin. 
Life is most unreasonable


  1. And the word on the street is that Moylan and Palmer have already fallen out. So watch this space!

  2. A BOROUGH COMMANDER7 December 2013 at 12:18

    Residents should not allow Cllr Palmer to attend their homes unless he is accompanied at all times. He enjoys using other peoples' telephones in order to make long and very expensive telephone calls to friends in Australia.

  3. Borough Commander....
    The Dame has already made clear that comments of a defamatory nature are unacceptable. The Dame assumes you refer to a period in the councillor's inglorious past when he got 'into a muddle' whilst telephone canvassing friends in Oz......

  4. The Mayor has had to close him down at most Council meetings. Since to have made no difference to Palmer's behaviour.

    He spent most of the last meeting doing his filing. Which, I suppose, makes a change from staring at his share portfolio or playing computer games.

  5. The bromance is over. Time for Moylan to get rid of him if he knows what's good for him.

  6. Is it true that MR Dent Coad still lives with his parents?

    1. No, it isn't.

      There is no Mr. Dent Coad. Cllr. Dent Coad isn't married. Her surnames are her own.

      Jules Montero, her former partner of Spanish descent, lives in Acton. His parents live in Chelsea.

  7. Who on earth is MR Dent Coad?

  8. Cllr Dent Coad is a woman (formerly a Lady) and no longer a spring chicken, whose parents are sadly now deceased. What have you been smoking?

  9. Dame why not say what you mean. A certain councillor used an Association phone to call friends in Australia. When he was discovered to have spent £500 on these calls he was forced to pay the money back or risk criminal prosecution....


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