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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Essex County Council is about to be severely criticised by the President of the Family Division for its cruel and vicious treatment of the Italian lady recently sectioned. Whilst sectioned her baby was forcibly removed by Caesarian section.
She was then told by Essex CC social workers she would never see her baby again and it was to be adopted. 
This, despite her Italian extended family.... and that country's social services, being ready to look after her. 
In fact, the lady could have been flown back by air ambulance at a fraction of the cost being spent on her. 
A friend of the Dame's wrote to the chairman of Essex County Council, Cllr Twitching. 
His letter lambasted the council over its wicked treatment. 
He also pointed out that this was a council so useless that it allowed the crooked ex leader, Hanningfield, to plunder taxpayers' resources for years. 
But we all know Essex CC is a by word for dodgy 'Essex Practices'.
Anyway, the Dame could not refrain from reproducing Cllr Twitching response. 
Typically, she comes out with usual balls about, 'when the facts are known'- as if our press were not fully aware of what went on. 
Clearly Cllr Twitching is not stupid: after all she boasts that she is a waste management expert...expertise that the wasteful Essex CC has long required!
Anyway, this stupid woman of no experience or consequence is being paid £30k plus a year...outrageous!

Dear Mr. xxxxxxxx

I am very proud to be Chairman of Essex County Council, which is neither corrupt nor inept.  We deliver a wide range of services to the people of Essex and we do it with integrity, professionalism and always mindful of the fact that it is your money we are spending.  That does not mean we are perfect in everything we do all the time, but we strive for high standards and in my judgement we achieve them.

You are clearly not aware of the background facts of the case to which you refer.  I assume you are relying on what you have read in the press.  In the fullness of time it is likely that more of the facts of this sad case will be revealed, at which time I will expect you to apologise to me for your inappropriate language.

Cllr. Kay Twitchen.
Member for Billericay and Burstead.
Chairman of the Council.


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  1. Tragic beyond belief. Lives blighted by an unthinking bureaucracy. What possible reason can there have been for not sending mother and child to Italy - whatever her personal history and that of her family? The last time I looked Italy was a western European country; perfectly capable of caring for its own. Not only is the mother forever bereft; but her child and that child's siblings and the wider family.

    Let us hope such crushing damage can be legally reversed, before it's too late. Though this will damage a British family.

    Essex County Council's response is to justify the unjust.


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